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Internet of Things & Analytics

The integration of data collection, communications, and analytics technologies are rapidly accelerating the potential for businesses to new product and service offerings as well as enhancing manufacturing process efficiency and quality. GIS researchers work with companies to integrate sensors and communications into a new class of smart products, as well as embedded and network software and analytics applications. Our focus is on seamless integration of these technologies into unique solutions to support improved product capabilities and improved decision-making in manufacturing, service, and use.

Areas of Expertise

  • Smart and Networked Products
  • Digital and Smart Manufacturing
  • Real Time Data Collection and Analysis
  • Autonomous Systems (self-diagnose / self-awareness)
  • Anomaly Detection, Predictive Maintenance, Maintenance and Operations Optimization
  • Analytics, Machine Learning, and Decision analysis

Some of Our Partners

Vnomics |ONR | USMC | Army Research Labs

Applied Research Centers

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