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Pollution Prevention

Pollution prevention, or “P2”, shifts the emphasis from controlling pollution once it has been created to preventing its creation in the first place. P2 programs concentrate on replacing expensive end-of-pipe solutions with approaches that avoid creating waste in the first place. Strategies include waste minimization, recycling, energy recovery and zero-emission processes. P2 has implemented by many governments and companies worldwide. GIS, in partnership with New York State, manages one of the largest publicly-funded P2 programs in the U.S. – reducing several tons of waste and toxic emissions every year.

Areas of Expertise

  • Environmental Footprint Reduction
  • Water, Energy, Hazardous Chemical, and Emission Reduction
  • Lifecycle Analysis
  • Food and Organic Waste Reduction
  • Green Chemistry
  • Green Technology Commercialization
  • Supply Chain Sustainability, ISO14001, Eco-labeling

Some of Our Partners

NYS DEC | Clarkson University | University at Buffalo | RPI | Empire State Development | US EPA| Finch Paper | Perry’s Ice Cream | North American Breweries | MechoSystems | Tristar | Keen

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