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Alexander Liberson

Alexander Liberson
Associate Professor

Phone: 585-475-6672
Office: GLE/2051

Dr. Alexander Liberson received his B.S. and M.S. with distinctions in Mechanical Engineering, and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Moscow Aviation Institute (Moscow Aerospace University). His Ph.D. work was dedicated to the aero-elastic dynamic analysis and optimal design of flexible thin-walled elastic composite shells with application to the aviation compressor blades. After graduating he combined teaching mechanical engineering students as an Associate Professor at Moscow Aviation Institute of Technology and PhD students and engineers at Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM), with full time work for CIAM, as Senior Scientist, and eventually as Head of the Department of Numerical Methods inside Aviation Turbine Department. He taught Numerical Methods, Computer Programming Languages, Mechanics of Composites, Optimal Design, Theory of Turbomachines. His main publications at that time were dedicated to 3D CFD and aero-elasticity code creation with application to the Aviation Turbojet Engine, and viscous multiphase spontaneously condensing flow in Steam Turbine. He also published a number of papers in the area of nonlinear composite mechanics optimization being coauthored by his PhD student, including Chapter 3 of the book “OPTIMAL DESIGN: Theory and applications to material and structures.”  CRC Press LCC, USA, 1999. P.315.

Prior to RIT Dr. Liberson worked for Stress Technologies, Inc., Rochester NY, and GE Power Systems, Schenectady, NY,  Steam Turbine Department. During that time he worked on steam turbine analysis and design, resulting in a number of relating papers and United States Patent 6128079  “Fiber optic probe and system for measurement of moisture in steam turbines,” T.McCloskey, S.Hesler, A.Liberson, R.Maurer,1998. While working as Project Manager on projects for DARPA, ARMY, NAVY, BOEING, and EPRI he published a number of papers relating to NDT (non-destructive damage detection technique), created algorithms and the corresponding numerical software( D3 – Damage Distribution Detection), applied optimal control in stochastic pursuit-evasion games, fracture mechanics and fatigue stochastic analysis, and fast 2.5D multistage steam turbine solver.

In 2008 Dr. Liberson joined the Mechanical Engineering Department at RIT, first as an Adjunct Professor (2008 – 2010), then as Visiting Associate Professor (2010 – 2012), and serving as a Lecturer since September 2012. He has taught 11 courses across the spectrum in mechanical engineering, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Subjects include Fluid Mechanics, Transport Phenomena, Numerical Methods, Finite Elements, Advanced Solid Mechanics, ACT, Math I and II, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, PSWC.

During 2011 – 2012 he worked on two projects:

·       1.“Impact of Seismic Waves on Pristine and Cracked Elastic Structures”, with Mitsubishi Company and GPT Technologies, Rochester, NY  - Summer 2011

·       2. “Modeling of a pulse wave propagation in a vascular network”, collaborating with the lab of Dr David Borkholder, KGCOE, and University of Rochester NY, Medical Center – 2012  - present time

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