Immersion Courses

As part of their bachelor's degree requirements, students must complete an immersion - a set of three related general education courses in a focused area linked by a theme or discipline. These upper-level courses are used to meet RIT's general education requirements. In many cases, an immersion can lead to a minor with the addition of two courses. At RIT Kosovo (A.U.K), there are four different immersions offered.


International Relation

Public Policy


Political Science

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An economics immersion provides a systematic analysis of economic issues through the study of the allocation of scarce resources into production and the distribution of production among the members of society. This immersion is closed to students with a concentration in economics.


Required courses:   Credits
ECON–101    Principles of Microeconomics 3

Elective Courses (choose three additional courses):

ECON–201 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECON–403 Econometrics I 3
ECON–401      Intermediate Microeconomic Theory 3
ECON–402 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory 3
ECON–405    International Trade and Finance 3
ECON–421    Natural Resource Economics 3
ECON–422    Benefit-Cost Analysis 3
ECON–431    Monetary Analysis and Policy 3
ECON–441    Labor Economics 3
ECON–444    Public Finance 3
ECON–448    Development Economics 3
ECON–520 Environmental Economics 3

The International Relations Immersion combines the study of the complexities and shifting trends of international politics with the study of the global system. Global issues studied include democratization, international and regional conflicts, terrorism, international trade and economic integration, economic development, international law and organizations, and human rights. 


Prerequisite course: Credits
POLS–120   Introduction to International Relations 3
Elective Courses (choose three courses):  
POLS–205 Ethics in International Politics 3
POLS–210 Comparative Politics 3
POLS–220 Global Political Economy 3
POLS–325    International Law and Organizations 3
POLS–330    Human Rights in Global Perspectives     3
POLS–335    Politics in Developing Countries 3
POLS–360 International Political Thought 3
POLS–440 War and the State 3
POLS–445    Terrorism and Political Violence 3

This immersion provides students with a clear understanding of public policy, the policy process, and policy analysis. Students have the opportunity to develop perspectives on a variety of contemporary public policy issues, especially those that emerge from scientific and technological advancements. This immersion is closed to students with a concentration in public policy.


Prerequisite Course: Credits
PUBL – 101   Foundations of Public Policy 3
Elective Courses (choose three courses):    
PUBL-201 Ethics, Values and Public Policy 3
PUBL-210 Introduction to Qualitative Policy Analysis 3
PUBL-301 Public Policy Analysis 3
PUBL-520 Information and Communication Policy 3
PUBL-530 Energy Policy 3
STSO-201 Science and Technology Policy 3
STSO-421 Environmental Policy 3

The English immersion gives students the opportunity to explore English studies in the areas of literature, linguistics, and creative writing. The immersion is flexible in order to accommodate student interest in areas such as specific literary historical periods or geographic areas, multimedia and the visual arts, or genre fiction such as science fiction, fantasy, or romance. Courses emphasize the ability to read literature and new media analytically and write critically.


Required courses:   Credits
ENGL-210 Literature, Culture, and Media 3

Elective Courses (choose two additional courses):

ENGL– 302 The Short Story 3

Mythology and Literature


Introduction to Language Science*

ENGL–316    Global Literature 3
ENGL–370  Evolving English Language  3
ENGL–391    Dangerous Texts 3


Prerequisite Course: Credits
POLS-110 American Politics 3
POLS-120  Introduction to International Relations  3
Elective Courses:    
POLS-200  Law and Society 3
POLS-320 American Foreign Policy 3
POLS-345 Politics and Public Policy  3
POLS-205  Ethics in International Politics  3
POLS-210 Comparative Politics 3
POLS-220 Global Political Economy 3
POLS-325 International Law and Organizations 3
POLS-330 Human Rights in Global Perspectives 3
POLS-335 Politics in Developing Countries 3
POLS-360  International Political Thought  3
POLS-440  War and the State 3
POLS-445 Terrorism and Political Violence 3
POLS-525 ST: Balkan studies  3
POLS-525  ST: Faith and Globalization 3