Alba Ajdarevikj, has been awarded with the Statesmanship Scholars Award

What a Tuesday!

Our student, Alba Ajdarevikj, has been awarded with the Statesmanship Scholars Award, allowing her to attend and assist at the Center of Statesmanship, Law and Liberty at the RIT Main campus in Rochester, New York. 

The goal of the center is to raise awareness of the critical role of statesmanship in establishing, maintaining, and enhancing a free society based on the rule of law. This goal rests on the ability to produce, both, responsible citizens and states, and people capable of confronting future political, economic, and social difficulties, as the Founders of the American republic well understood. The Mission and Vision of this Center is to support scholarship, teaching, research, and student-centered learning related to statesmanship and liberty. It will look at the cultural forces that may help or hinder statesmanship in today's world. Students (including high school and college students), citizens, scholars, instructors, professionals, and public officials are included in the program.

We are very proud to have one of our own students be awarded this award. Alba has been a Global Scholar at our main campus in Rochester since Fall 2021. She has stated that: 
"This award will give her the ability to germinate and thrive as the best version of myself."

RIT Kosovo wishes Alba the very best of luck on her future studies and career.

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