Panel of Discussion: "Has the world helped Ukraine enough?"

The RITK Peace and Conflict Center was pleased to host Thomas Niblock, a retired U.S. diplomat and current Foreign Affairs Advisor to the Ministry of Defense of Kosovo, and two Ukrainian journalists,
Iryna Synelnyk and Viktoriia Kaidash as guest speakers in the “Has the world helped Ukraine enough?” panel discussion.

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Based on his diplomatic background in Ukraine, Russia, and other conflicted countries, Mr. Niblock delivered a thorough analysis of the Ukrainian situation and what this means for the rest of the world. It is known that this current situation between Russia and Ukraine has been ongoing since February 2014. A focus point of the analysis was the Gas Pipelines that were ruptured days ago under the Baltic Sea, more precisely in the Ukrainian territory. 

Ms. Synelnyk and Ms. Kaidash passionately offered the students the Ukrainian first-hand experience with the war, their journey to Kosovo, and hopes for Ukraine’s future. They stated how important is the role of journalism in tough situations, and how a journalist should present it to the world.

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This panel discussion was beneficial and informative to students as they need to understand different perspectives on this issue. The great interest of our students introduced their insightful questions and comments to the guest speakers. 

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