CIT-RITK Team's Collaborative Research Visit at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Austria

The CIT-RIT K Team recently undertook a collaborative research visit to St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences in Niederösterreich, Austria on April 8, 2024. This visit featured a series of engaging activities aimed at fostering academic exchange and innovation. Prof. Alexander Adrowitzer, the Academic Director of Digital Innovation and Research at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, extended an invitation to the CIT-RITK Research Team. Led by Professor Debabrata Samanta, the team included two exceptional students, Dea Tahiraj and Dijar Hashani, from the Department of Computer and Information Technologies (CIT).

prof Samanta presenting their research

The visit commenced with a warm reception at the university, where the team was acquainted with various departments and engaged in productive meetings to establish the groundwork for collaborative research initiatives. Dr. Samanta showcased his diverse research areas, such as Virtual Reality, Deep Learning-based heuristic algorithms, cyber security, and the research publication process with European collaborations. After a fruitful morning session, the team reconvened for coffee at the International Office, facilitating discussions on global perspectives and potential avenues for future cooperation. In the afternoon, Dr. Samanta, along with Dea and Dijar, interacted with students, fostering idea exchange, insights, and cross-cultural learning.

again prof Samanta

The workshop culminated in enlightening presentations by Dea and Dijar on AI based Data Analysis using SciLab, where they elucidated the topic with compelling examples from discrete mathematics. Dea provided an overview of AI methodologies, followed by an exploration of specific techniques, incorporating illustrative examples to demonstrate Scilab's data analysis capabilities. Dijar delved into discrete mathematics within the Scilab environment, followed by an interactive session allowing students to apply these concepts practically.

two RIT students Dea and Diar presenting AI based data analysis ising SciLab

As the day concluded, a comprehensive recap session highlighted key insights and paved the way for future collaborations. Discussions on next steps emphasized the commitment to continued partnership and the pursuit of shared research objectives.

prof Samanta

The CIT-RITK Team's research visit at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences was characterized by collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the establishment of enduring connections, laying a robust foundation for future academic and research endeavors.

Special appreciation goes to Albina Balidemaj, PhD, the Dean of Faculty at Rochester Institute of Technology Kosovo, for her unwavering support and encouragement towards research endeavors.

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