RIT Kosovo as the leading institution for Dissemination and Exploitation of ROAMING has launched the projects webpage

RIT Kosovo, as one of the partnering Higher Education Institutions in the Erasmus Project ROAMING, is the lead university in terms of Dissemination and Exploitation of the knowledge gathered and generated throughout the project lifecycle.

The ROAMING Project aims to Strength International Staff & Student Mobility Offices in the West Balkans, especially so to better serve members from underprivileged communities.

International mobility is a critical component of higher education, as it provides students and staff with unique opportunities to gain new knowledge, skills, and perspectives. It helps to develop a global mindset and fosters cross-cultural understanding, which are essential in today's interconnected world.

RIT Kosovo is thrilled to announce that the project webpage is now up and running, ready to explore!

Please visit the webpage at www.roamingproject.org  

We also invite you to follow the ROAMING Project social media links seen below for real-time updates on the development of the project:




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