RIT Kosovo Honors Society Students 2021

RIT Kosovo Honors Society Students & RIT Kosovo Honors Committee.

By the end of each academic year, RIT Kosovo (RIT-K) organizes the Honors Students’ Presentation Day.
During this academic year, a total of eight Honors students successfully passed all requirements to become members of RIT-K Honors Society and presented their Senior Capstone Research Projects on April 29, 2021. The RIT-K Honors Society 2021 students with their respective research projects are:

Bind Ahmetaj: “Trade Liberalization versus Protectionism in Developing Countries: The case of the 100% Tariff in Kosovo”
Ujvara Fetoshi: “Emerging from COVID: Online work and its implications for the worker performance in Kosovo”
Aurora Kingji: “The Inclusion of Children of the Autism Spectrum in Kosovo’s Education (K-12): A Policy Review “
Diar Ramadani: “The Effectiveness of Solving Commercial Disputes: Alternative Dispute Resolution vs Commercial Litigation in Kosovo”
Sindi Rryta: “Wage and productivity of employees in service providing industries in Albania: a close look at IT and Business sectors”
Fiona Shahini: “Online and Remote Education: Challenges and Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World. Case of Kosovo”
Çlirim Sheremeti: “Exploring a New Dimension of Learning and Work in Kosovo: An Analysis of the Relationship between Non-Formal Learning, Employability, and the Job Performance of Young People”
Rrona Skenderi: “Dissecting the Normal: The Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic in the Gastronomy Sector of Kosovo”

The objectives of the RIT-K Honors Society are to recognize RIT-K’s most outstanding students by promoting their academic and professional skills as well as their civic and institutional contribution. This year, the Honors Society process was highly competitive. To attain an Honors status by May 2021, students with a GPA of 3.8+ had to successfully pass all the Senior Capstone project stages, attain an average score of at least 95% in all course segment evaluations, and demonstrate research and writing skills that go above and beyond the typical Senior Capstone project. Now that these students have attained the status of an Honors student, their projects will be published at the RIT Digital Library.

The RIT-K Honors Committee consisted of seven Faculty members coming from different disciplines:
Albina Balidemaj Basha (PhD), Psychology
Edona Maloku (PhD, ABD), Psychology
Kamal Shahrabi (PhD), Electrical Engineering
Lorraina Pinnell (PhD), Literature
Mimoza Polloshka (PhD), Mathematics
Sara Baxley (MA) Philosophy and International Affairs
Venera Demukaj (PhD), Economics

We are very proud of our student achievements of the RIT Kosovo Honors Society 2021 and confident that they will continue to be valuable contributors to our society and beyond.


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