RIT Kosovo Students Initiatives for COVID19

The volunteers (left to right), Drin Çela, Rita Thaqi, Bestar Osmani, Irisa Shala, Zana Misini, Elion Misini, and Merve Globoder


The pandemic has changed the lives of many of us. So did the situation on our campus. As they say, in difficult times, we help each other. Our students reacted quickly and started various initiatives to make their contribution to the community. This initiative was started by Bestar Osmani, one of our senior students, where 3D masks have been printed and distributed to the local COVID-19 centers. As president of the Media Club, he has teamed up with the Student Government, the other Club Presidents, and Artë Retkoceri (Learning Manager at Koslift) to finance and implement this idea.

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