RITK Autumn Festival

The first of its kind!
Our campus is a place that brings people together. This time, our students in coordination with the Marketing Office, decided to make an event that would allow everyone to participate and enjoy multiple activities - the RITK Autumn Festival.

Such activities included:
    • Face Painting
    • Karaoke
    • RITK Music Club
    • Sandcastle (music band)
    • Arm Wrestling
    • Ping Pong
    • Zwada
(a band who performed at SunnyHill Festival)

.  .  .

Furthermore, our sponsors were very helpful that directly impacted the event's atmosphere. Our Main Sponsors, Petrol Company and Be Happy  - brought delicious and diverse traditional food and gifted Special Cards to students, staff, and faculty. 

.  .

Uje Rugove, another sponsor, supplied us with plenty of water bottles so that everyone stays hydrated during the day. To have energy, RedBull brought their unique energy drinks. Xharra Group - decided to sponsor the Zwada Band, which created an unforgettable memory during the festival. The music genre(s), was exceptional and it turned our basketball field into a dance floor. 

.   .

Buka and Omël were the cherries on top of the cake! These two sponsors brought delicious sweets and croissants.  

Face painting was the preferred activity. Our freshman students are highly talented in this area, therefore the results were to be admired. 

What made this event special, was the spontaneous presence of our Alumni and KSF Cadets. KSF Cadets won 3 medals during the games!


Remembering such memories, RITK looks forward to organizing similar events soon. Make sure to join and Be the Story!

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