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Corinna Schlombs

Associate Professor
Department of History
College of Liberal Arts

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Corinna Schlombs

Associate Professor
Department of History
College of Liberal Arts


Diploma, Bielefeld University (Germany); MA, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania


Research Interests: History of Technology, Social and Cultural History of Computing, Business History and Gender Studies

Dr. Schlombs’s research focuses on technology and capitalism in transatlantic relations. In her current book project, she investigates transatlantic transfers of productivity culture and technology in the two decades before and after World War II. Productivity, a statistical measure of output per worker, came to encapsulate the American economic system, and transatlantic debates about productivity called into question the notion of the capitalist West during the Cold War conflict.

Dr. Schlombs received her Diplom in Sociology from Bielefeld University in Germany, and her Ph.D. in the History and Sociology of Science from the University of Pennsylvania. She has published articles and book chapters on international computing and computing and gender. Most recently, her research has been supported through a National Science Foundation Scholars Award that enabled her to focus on her book project.

Dr. Schlombs teaches classes in the History of Information and Communication Technologies, International Business History and Modern German History. She has advised student projects in computing and gaming history, museum studies, and business history.


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3 Credits
This upper-level course will focus on a specific theme or topic in history, chosen by the instructor, announced in the subtitle, and developed in the syllabus. The topics of this course will vary, but the course number will remain the same, so be sure not to repeat the same topic.
3 Credits
The internet and cell phones seem to have revolutionized our society, changing how we learn about new things, relate to each other and understand ourselves. This course investigates the history of information and communication technologies to cast new light on these developments. We will ask how people formed political opinions, what ethical concerns new information and communication technologies raised, and how technologies changed the lives of the people using them. This course helps students understand the social, cultural, and ethical implications of revolutionary information and communication technologies.
3 Credits
This course covers major themes in German history from the formation of the German Empire in 1870 to the present. Topics include nation building and nationalism, industrialization and urbanization, imperialism at home and abroad, the first world war, the Weimar Republic, Nazi racism and the second world war, the divided Germany and the Cold War, and reunification and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The course may focus on specific questions such as gender, class, religion or race and ethnicity. This course leads you to explore how German history shaped the role of Germans and Germany in the world today as well as how it informs problems facing other regions and eras.

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Invited Keynote/Presentation
Schlombs, Corinna. "Computing's Workforce: Women Keypunch Operators, Gender, and Class in Banking Automation." Technikhistorische Tagung. Eisenbibliothek. Schaffhausen, Switzerland. 16 Nov. 2018. Conference Presentation.
Schlombs, Corinna. "Supporting and Awarding Historical Research and Publication." Annual Meeting. Society of the History of Technology. St. Louis, MO. 12 Oct. 2018. Conference Presentation.
Schlombs, Corinna. "Productivity for European Economic Recovery: Statistical Expertise, Quantification, and Power in the Marshall Plan." Annual Meeting. Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations. Philadelphia, PA. 22 Jun. 2018. Conference Presentation.
Schlombs, Corinna. "German and US Labor Unions, Productivity, and Technological Innovation Before and After World War II." Annual Meeting. Business History Conference. Baltimore, MA. 7 Apr. 2018. Conference Presentation.
Schlombs, Corinna. "Watson, Women, and Work: Global Culture and Gender at IBM." Shift CTRL: New Perspectives on Computing and New Media. Stanford University. Stanfor, CA. 6-7 May 2016. Conference Presentation.
Schlombs, Corinna. "The Promise of Productivity: Technology and the American Capitalist Model in US-German Relations." Annual Meeting. Society for the History of Technology. Singapore, Singapore. 22-26 Jun. 2016. Conference Presentation.
Schlombs, Corinna. "Labor and Gender in Transatlantic Perspective: IBM’s Welfare Capitalist Model in Postwar Germany." Annual Meeting. German Studies Association. San Diego, CA. 29-2 Sep. 2016. Conference Presentation.
Schlombs, Corinna and Kelly Norris Martin. "Visual Culture, Non-Cognitive Skills and Gender in Technical Corporations.”." Seneca Falls Dialogues. WILL. Seneca Falls, NY. 21-23 Oct. 2016. Conference Presentation.
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Schlombs, Corinna. "World Peace through World Trade: IBM's Corporate Diplomacy Before and After World War II." Business History Conference. Business History Conference. Frankfurt, Germany. 14 Mar. 2014. Conference Presentation.
Schlombs, Corinna, et al. "Hidden Spaces, Mobile Places: Changing an Institutional Environment through Appreciative Inquiry." Seneca Falls Dialogues. Women's Institute for Leadership and Learning. Seneca Falls, NY. 18 Oct. 2014. Conference Presentation.