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Scientific CMOS image sensors have lower read noise and dark current than charge coupled devices. They are also uniquely qualified for operation at cryogenic temperatures due to their MOSFET pixel architecture. This paper follows the design of a cryogenic imaging system to be used as... READ MORE
A cross domain solution is a means of information assurance that provides the ability to access or transfer digital data between varying security domains. Most acceptable cross domain solutions focus mainly on risk management policies that rely on using protected or trusted parties to... READ MORE
The desire for greater processor performance with shrinking technologies and increasing heterogeneity, leads to a need for improvement in performance estimation. Being able to estimate the performance of an application without needing to implement the application on the available hardware and soft-core choices can... READ MORE
Rapid advancement of electronics used in domestic, commercial and military applications has necessitated the development of thermal management solutions capable of dissipating large amounts of heat in a reliable and efficient manner. Traditional methods of cooling, including air and liquid cooling, require large fluid... READ MORE
With the ever improving progress of technology, Software Defined Radio (SDR) has become a more widely available technique for implementing radio communication. SDRs are sought after for their advantages over traditional radio communication mostly in flexibility, and hardware simplification. The greatest challenges SDRs... READ MORE
Patient length of stay (LOS) is frequently used by researchers in the field of hospital management as a performance measuring criterion (McDermott & Stock, 2007). Patient LOS is found to be related to the quality of care (Thomas, et al., 1997) and prolonged LOS... READ MORE
Data exchange between a Central Processing Unit (CPU) and a Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) can be very expensive in terms of performance. The characterization of data and cache memory access patterns differ between a CPU and a GPU. The motivation of this research is to... READ MORE
Applications boiling are found in heat sinks for electronics cooling, nuclear and fossil fuel powered steam generators, distillation columns, concentrated solar power systems, glass melting furnaces, desalination chambers, and heat and mass exchangers. In order to increase the performance and safety margins of these... READ MORE
Slips, trips, and falls (STF) remain among the most important causes of occupational injuries. Most of the previous studies focused on the impact of lower extremity muscle fatigue on increased risk of STFs. The purpose of our study was to assess how the low... READ MORE
As the number of bus masters increases in chip, the performance of a system largely depends on the arbitration scheme. The throughput of the system is affected by the arbiter circuit which controls the grant for various requestors. An arbitration scheme is usually chosen... READ MORE