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Humans have an incredible ability to process and understand information from multiple sources such as images, video, text, and speech. Recent success of deep neural networks has enabled us to develop algorithms which give machines the ability to understand and interpret this information. Convolutional... READ MORE
There are many different methods of filtering that have been known to provide better results than basic Sample-Matrix-Inversion (SMI). Providing a well-conditioned covariance matrix to these filters will provide a higher Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio (SINR) than SMI filtering when there are... READ MORE
Aberration control and characterization in a state of the art photolithographic lens have the tightest tolerances of any optical system. This is especially true in next generation extreme ultraviolet lithography systems with estimates for the wavefront tolerance below 500 pm RMS. These systems use... READ MORE
Deep learning has enabled incredible advances in pattern recognition such as the fields of computer vision and natural language processing. One of the most successful areas of deep learning is Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). CNNs have helped improve performance on many difficult video and... READ MORE