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This study evaluates STEM students’ preconceptions regarding Quality of Service (QoS) in telecommunications and networking with the goal of understanding the nature of these preconceptions to improve student learning in this discipline. In this study... READ MORE
Statistical models have been successful in accurately estimating the biochemical contents of vegetation from the reflectance spectra. However, their performance deteriorates when there is a scarcity of sizable amount of ground truth data for modeling... READ MORE
In this paper, we propose and compare two spectral angle based approaches for spatial-spectral classification. Our methods use the spectral angle to generate unary energies in a grid-structured Markov random field defined over the pixel... READ MORE
With rapid developments in satellite and sensor technologies, increasing amount of high spatial resolution aerial images have become available. Classification of these images are important for many remote sensing image understanding tasks, such as image... READ MORE
Object detection in high resolution remote sensing images is a crucial yet challenging problem for many applications. With the development of satellite and sensor technologies, remote sensing images attain very high spatial resolution, giving rise... READ MORE
Probabilistic graphical models have strong potential for use in hyperspectral image classification. One important class of probabilisitic graphical models is the Conditional Random Field (CRF), which has distinct advantages over traditional Markov Random Fields (MRF),... READ MORE
Changes in vegetation cover, building construction, road network and traffic conditions caused by urban expansion affect the human habitat as well as the natural environment in rapidly developing cities. It is crucial to assess... READ MORE
As the field of robotic and humanoid systems expand, more research is being done on how to best control systems to perform complex, smart tasks. Many supervised learning and classification techniques require large datasets,... READ MORE
Multicopter aircrafts have become popular platforms for researching flight control and aerial image processing applications. These crafts could gain unique utility from the ability to fly to remote locations, land, then walk to perform close... READ MORE
Called “the guardian of the genome,” p53 is one of the most studied proteins associated with cancer. After activation, p53 induces its target genes with different kinetics, i.e., early induction or delayed induction. However, this... READ MORE
There are three major sources of illumination on objects in the near Earth space environment: Sunshine, Moonshine, and Earthshine. For objects in this environment (satellites, orbital debris, etc.) known as Resident Space Objects (RSOs),... READ MORE