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The global trend of urbanization requires an increased demand for reliable infrastructure in urban land. The lack of buildable space in urban areas has been resolved traditionally by skyscrapers and sometimes, the location of new development is shifted to the outside of the central... READ MORE
The energy consumed by a building can be divided into two types. Operational energy (use phase) and embodied energy (energy consumed during the production, construction and replacement of building components). Typically, overshadowed by operational energy, embodied energy has slowly increased for a variety of... READ MORE
III-V semiconductors make for highly efficient solar cells, but are expensive to manufacture. However, there are many mechanisms for improving III-V photovoltaics in order to make them more competitive with other photovoltaic (PV) technologies. One possible method is to design cells for high efficiency... READ MORE
There is increasing global interest in the application of circular economy as a tool for enabling the decoupling of economic growth from environmental degradation. Despite this growing interest, there is a lack of in-depth insight about the quantified potential benefits that value-retention processes (VRPs)... READ MORE