Making a Difference: Environmental Science at RIT

The Environmental Science program at RIT is where love of nature meets cutting-edge research to create a sustainable future for our planet. Future environmental leaders in industry, government, non-profit organizations and the media are drawn to this program for its unmatched strengths:

Exciting fieldwork: Whether studying forest soils for the effects of acid rain, monitoring river otters for the success of re-introduction or developing revitalization plans for an inner city, RIT students blend classroom time with meaningful fieldwork to solve real-world problems.

Advanced technologies: RIT’s stature as a top technical university gives our students a significant advantage as technology revolutionizes the way environmental data are collected and analyzed.

Multi-disciplinary problem solving curriculum: Our challenging academic program combining natural sciences and liberal arts prepares students to effectively use science and technology to solve environmental problems in the social/cultural context in which they arise.

Outstanding faculty: Some of the most advanced experts in their fields maintain an open-door policy to help you define and reach your highest goals.

Welcome to RIT’s Environmental Science website. We hope the following pages give you a sense of our passion and commitment—and how you can gain the experience and skills to truly make a difference.