Staff Directory

Controller's Office - Leadership Team
Name Phone Email
Milagros Concepcion
Associate Vice President/Controller and Assistant Treasurer
(585) 475-5428
Kevin Purdy
Associate Controller
(585) 475-2940
Rachel Guy
Assistant Controller, Accounting and Financial Management Services
(585) 475-2095
Jaeson René
Executive Director of Academic Partnerships
(585) 475-6191
Theresa Steward
Executive Director, Technology Management
(585) 475-5671
Toby Stroud
Executive Director, Sponsored Programs Accounting
Christa Abugasea
Executive Director, Payroll & Accounts Payable Services
(585) 475-2418
Johann Bodensteiner
Executive Director of Procurement
(585) 475-3947
Maria Bates
Executive Director, Student Financial Services
(585) 475-5305
Ken Buckley
Executive Director, Endowment and Treasury Operations
(585) 475-2374
Richard Rowlands
Executive Director Accounting and Financial Reporting Services – Auxiliaries
(585) 475-2471
Controller's Office
Name Phone Email
Kira Broccolo
Accounts Receivable/Collections Supervisor
Galina Crane
Senior Staff Accountant/Accounts Receivable
(585) 475-5421
Jason Ells
Analyst/University Sports Camp Coordinator
(585) 475-2286
Gwendolyn Gause
Senior Staff Assistant
(585) 475-2383
Accounting and Financial Reporting
Name Phone Email
Lilian John Charles Bagenda
Joseph Fenicchia
Financial Analyst/Reporting Specialist
(585) 475-6489
Kevin Flood
Senior Staff Accountant/Outreach Specialist
(585) 475-2237
Jennifer Genter
Director, Accounting and Financial Reporting
(585) 475-3108
Phillip Poon
Senior Analyst/Fixed Assets
(585) 475-4933
Kathryn Udkovich
Manager, Accounting Operations
(585) 475-2911
Joy Zeigler
Senior Staff Accountant/Outreach Specialist
(585) 475-4086
Technology Management and Process Excellence
Name Phone Email
Leslie Fitzpatrick
Functional Systems Administrator/Project Coordinator
Amy Guthrie
Senior Business Analyst
Justin Ingerick
Business Analyst
Tammy Sharpstene
Senior Analyst
Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA)
Name Phone Email
Robin Amico
Financial Analyst and Reporting Specialist
Ayaan Aweis
Thomas Brand
Senior Staff Accountant/Outreach Specialist
Keisha Burton
Senior Analyst, Center for Imaging Science (CIS)
Valerie Edwards-Brown
Senior Staff Accountant
Janette Frank
Robert LaFleur
Senior Analyst, Grant and Contract Compliance
Benjamin Lew
Mary Merkel
Reporting Analyst/University Studies Division
Holly Neill
Director, Sponsored Programs Accounting
Gale O’Toole
Senior Staff Accountant
Amanda Zeluff
Senior Staff Accountant
Tracy Zoellick
Assistant Director, Sponsored Programs Accounting
Treasury & Financial Reporting Services
Name Phone Email
Annette Agness
Director, Financial and Tax Reporting
(585) 475-6394
Bethy Bai
Financial Reporting Analyst/Global Programs
Jason Fuller
Director, Endowment and Treasury Operations
(585) 475-6578
Lisa Hann
Senior Analyst, Debt & Deferred Giving
(585) 475-6015
Denzel Huffman
Senior Staff Accountant
(585) 475-7232
Brian Masters
Financial Reporting Analyst/Tax
(585) 475-7329
Caroline Murray
Senior Staff Accountant/Global Programs
(585) 475-5684
JoAnn Polito
Senior Staff Accountant/Cash Management
(585) 475-2377
Stephanie Rubin
Sylvia Russell
Senior Staff Accountant/Global Programs
Susanne Scheg
Financial Reporting Analyst/Tax
Pricilla Schiffhauer
Senior Analyst, Gift Reporting
(585) 475-7872
Careen Shumway
Financial Analyst/Endowment
(585) 475-6105
Auxiliaries Shared Service Center
Name Phone Email
Alex Berken
Senior Staff Accountant
(585) 475-7193
Christopher Bortree
Analyst-Campus Store/SSC
Tammy Gangarosa
Manager, Accounting and Financial Reporting, RIT Inn & Conference Center
(585) 359-7769
Natasha Rogers-Dailey
Staff Accountant
(585) 475-7013
Mary Wardwell
Manager, Accounting & Financial Reporting
(585) 475-2276
Academic Partnerships
Name Phone Email
Angela Dolliver
Senior Financial Analyst/COS (College of Science)
Laura Girolamo
Analyst/COS (College of Science )
Katie Kinsley
Senior Financial Analyst/IHST (Institute of Health Sciences and Technology)
Daniel Mancuso
Senior Financial Analyst/CET (College of Engineering Technology)
Mary Merkel
Reporting Analyst/University Studies Division
Katherine Ozminkowski
Financial Analyst/RIT Certified
Andrew Schubart
Senior Staff Accountant/KGCOE (Kate Gleason College of Engineering)
Jason Spaid
Financial Analyst/CAD (College of Art and Design)
Anne Stevens
Senior Financial Analyst/KGCOE (Kate Gleason College of Engineering)
Payroll and Accounts Payable Services
Name Phone Email
Lisa Brent
Accounts Payable Specialist III
(585) 475-4905
Janet Bristol
Accounts Payable Team Lead
(585) 475-4900
Joyce Brooks
Payroll Practitioner III
(585) 475-2381
Sean Cartwright
Senior Business Analyst/Functional System Administrator
(585) 475-2819
Brian Caston
Senior Analyst
(585) 475-6523
Lisa Cerra
Assistant Director, Payroll
Yuxin Emily Fu
Accounts Payable Specialist II
Ronald Herreid
Payroll/Accounts Payable Business Analyst
Laurie Hoover
Accounts Payable Specialist I
Tameka Jackson
Payroll Practitioner III
(585) 475-2382
Yancey Moore
Senior Staff Accountant
(585) 475-4900
Lisa Rathke
Accounts Payable Specialist II
(585) 475-4900
Nicole Reinhardt
Director of Accounts Payable
Bob Spring
Payroll and Accounts Payable Tax Administrator
(585) 475-5582
Jennine Sweeney
Senior Staff Accountant
(585) 475-5067
Barbara Thome
Accounts Payable Specialist III
William Zimmerman
Director of Payroll
(585) 475-5984