Summer Salaries


During the summer service period, faculty members may receive compensation in excess of their academic-year salary.  Summer salary calculations for faculty whose summer salary is paid from a sponsored project (grant/contract) AND other non‐sponsored activity such as teaching, university service, or public service, should use a percentage of effort to determine the amount of summer compensation earned from each source.


Appointment Maximum Summer Salary Maximum Summer Salary on Sponsored Projects


33.33% 30.00%
9.5-month 26.32% 23.67%
10-month 20.00% 18.00%
10.5-month 14.28% 12.85%
11-month 9.09% 8.18%
11.5-month 4.34% 3.91%


This salary is paid differently from that generated by a regular appointment and requires an additional EAF to be processed specifically for summer salary. For guidance and process, please use the resources below: 

Summer Salary Employee Action Form (EAF)

Summer Salary Presentation 2022

EAF Instructions

Summer Salary Examples

Plan of Work Summer (to be completed if charging >90% to sponsored projects)

Summer Salaries FAQ

Instructions on How to Enter Summer Salary in Oracle RIT Employee/Adjunct Payment Entry System

Summer Salary Memo from the Provost

Additional points to keep in mind as you process summer salary payments:

  • Summer salary charged to a sponsored project must be for activities related to the award
          Non-related activities include:
    • Preparing/submitting competitive proposals
    • Non-sponsor related research
    • Vacation
    • Attending department/faculty meetings
    • Teaching and teaching preparation
    • Administrative work 
  • Comments to Approver – In the “Comments to Approver” box in Oracle’s RIT Employee/Adjunct Payment Entry System, please include the project number(s) and the percentage of effort for each as a descriptive note. The information is necessary for the PI and SPA approval process.
  • Leave of Absence – If the faculty member was on leave of absence during the academic year at a reduced salary, the Oracle RIT Employee/Adjunct Payment Entry System will not be able to validate that the summer salary payment(s) does not exceed the appropriate caps. In these cases, you can use a paper version of the Summer Salary Charged to Grants and Contracts EAF.
  • Advance/Lump sum payments (unallowable) – Summer salary is paid during each pay period over the time span that the employee actually works. Payments for faculty who work on summer contracts cannot be paid in a lump sum, nor can they be made in advance of the work actually being performed. For faculty working the entire summer session, the total summer salary will be paid over six (6) pay periods, the first on May 31st and the last on August 15th.
  • Modifying Payments Already Entered and Approved in Oracle - If you are adding to a payment, it may be processed online. If you are reducing a future payment which was already submitted, an email and modified form needs to be sent to SPA and, and HR will adjust going forward.
  • Flat Rate Payments – Federal regulations require that faculty time spent on sponsored activity be expressed as a percentage of effort. Faculty whose summer salary is paid from a federally sponsored project (grants/contract) and other non-sponsored activity such as teaching, should use a percentage of effort to calculate the amount of summer compensation earned from each source. Receiving a flat rate payment can cause a dilution in effort which would require going back to the sponsor for approval.

If you require any assistance with the summer salary process, please contact your SPA representative or Julie Hawk, Assc. Director for HR Relations at For SPA Rep departmental assignments, please refer to the Sponsored Programs Accounting website.