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Venera Demukaj

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Assistant Professor

RIT Kosovo

Venera Demukaj

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Assistant Professor

RIT Kosovo

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External Scholarly Fellowships/National Review Committee
1/1/2012 - 7/20/2013
     Regional Research Promotion Program RRPP
     Amount: 32,476 CHF

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3 Credits
This course develops an economic perspective on one of the most important and challenging issues facing global society: the allocation, use, and preservation of natural resources. The course presents and discusses the methodology economists use to inform natural resource managers and policy makers. Economic thought and analysis are used to evaluate a variety of issues in this area. The course concludes with a brief discussion of the interdisciplinary aspects of natural resource management.
1 - 6 Credits
The capstone course for students enrolled in the MS in professional studies degree program. With individualized advising from a faculty adviser, students participate in a real world problem solving project carried out in an organizational setting while also relating to a student’s professional concentrations. Course requirements involve completing a literature review, writing a project proposal, engaging in online discussion with faculty adviser and other SOIS capstone students, various kinds of field work, writing full draft and final academic report and making a (Powerpoint) presentation. Registration completed on behalf of students following faculty review of acceptable capstone project proposal. (Prof 770; Department approval)
0 Credits
This course guides the student through preparation of the Capstone Proposal that is required for the applied final course of his/her MS in professional studies degree - the Capstone Project. Student will determine a Capstone Project concept, and articulate the methods for implementing the Capstone Project. The course concludes with a paper describing the Capstone Project, including background and description, methodology, anticipated outcomes, and probable Capstone Adviser. Student will meet regularly with the course facilitator. Upon successful completion of this course, student will be registered for the Capstone Project. (Pre-requisites: PROF-705 and core coursework; course restricted to MS in professional studies students)
3 Credits
This course focuses on a project that demonstrates how the student’s multidisciplinary plan of study has prepared him/her for future academic and career activities. Students will integrate their multidisciplinary concentrations through a capstone project and supplementary exercises. The student will execute his/her identified project and prepare the finished project for public presentation and review by an approved Client or Subject Matter Expert, SME. Additional emphasis will be placed on the acquisition of networking and similar professional skills such as interviewing techniques, research techniques, and making use of academic, business, and personal networks.

In the News

  • June 23, 2021

    Dr. Venera Demukaj introducing the "Master Student Presentations"

    Master Student Presentations

    On June 18, 2021, the first group of RIT Kosovo Master Students, presented their Capstone Projects, which represented a culmination of their graduate program experience. As part of the Master Capstone project, students work over two semesters in identifying a real-world problem (The Capstone Proposal Stage), conducting research, and providing solutions and recommendations to the problem (The Capstone Development Stage).

  • May 17, 2021

    RIT Kosovo Honors Society Students & RIT Kosovo Honors Committee.

    RIT Kosovo Honors Society Students 2021

    By the end of each academic year, RIT Kosovo (RIT-K) organizes the Honors Students’ Presentation Day.
    During this academic year, a total of eight Honors students successfully passed all requirements to become members of RIT-K Honors Society and presented their Senior Capstone Research Projects on April 29, 2021.