Graduation Ceremony 2022

You did it, Tiger!

Congratulations on your amazing achievements and
hard-earned degree. RIT Kosovo is proud and honored to celebrate Graduation Day with you. May you always dare to do great things with your life!

A special thank you goes to our Faculty, Staff, KSF Cadets, Volunteers, and RITK Music Club.

Best of luck with your new beginnings!

Government Measures on COVID-19.

Graduation 2022 Photos & Livestream

Graduate List


Cum laude Student Full Name Expected Completion
*** Erzë Ahmeti  
*** Drin Çela  
*** Dior Ramosaj  
*** Rita Thaçi  
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Student Full Name Expected Completion
Arian Salihu Summer 2022
Arti Ymeraga  
Lirik Prapashtica  
Rezart Morina  
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Cum laude Student Full Name Expected Completion
  Agon Loshaj  
* Agrinë Baraku  
** Alba Ajdarevikj  
  Anda Gjata  
  Anda Murtezani  
  Andina Makolli Fall 2021
  Anyla Hasimja  
  Arbër Miftari  
** Ardit Paloja  
  Arianit Avdija Summer 2022
** Arianit Sylafeta  
  Arijan Smakaj Fall 2021
  Arlinda Ejupi  
*** Art Hoxha  
** Arta Pllana  
  Artiola Gjata Summer 2022
  Aulona Beqiri Summer 2022
** Aurorë Jusufi  
  Bardh Hyseni  
  Bardha Bislimi  
  Betim Osmani  
  Blend Ejupi  
  Blenda Kastrati Fall 2021
  Bleona Dedinca Fall 2022
  Blerta Islami  
  Blinera Kosumi  
** Çlirimtare Ramadani  
  Dardan Selmani Summer 2022
  Diamant Martinaj Fall 2022
  Dennis Binaj Fall 2022
  Donika Zhaku  
  Donikë Breznica Summer 2022
  Drilon Deliu  
  Edon Hajrizi Summer 2022
  Edon Panxhaj  
  Egzona Hysenaj  
* Eleta Shala  
  Elvis Avdiu Summer 2022
  Ema Asllani Summer 2022
  Endrit Brahimi Summer 2022
** Enxo Muçaj  
* Era Skivjani  
  Era van Toorn Summer 2022
** Euron Vokshi  
** Fioreta Istrefi  
*** Fjolla Ajdini  
  Fjolla Ajvazi  
* Fjolla Hana  
  Fjolla Haxhijaj  
  Fleta Kërkezi Fall 2021
  Fleta Kraki Summer 2022
  Florant Korrani  
*** Florian Binaku  
  Gentian Pervizi  
  Gembiana Shyti Fall 2021
  Gentrit Memeti  
  Gersian Leka  
  Gresa Gashi  
  Jon Haxhiu Summer 2022
** Jon Rugova  
  Jona Beka Summer 2022
  Jonida Çarkaxhiu  
** Kastriot Kastrati  
  Kiki Fatmire Maqedonci  
  Korab Seferi  
  Kujtim Zebica 2022
*** Labëri Leci  
  Leon Dragusha  
  Leonit Krajkova Fall 2022
  Leon Toplica  
  Leotrim Mziu Fall 2021
* Lindlirim Shala  
  Marson Jakupi  
  Merve Globoder  
** Morea Zherka  
  Muhamed Sylejmani  
*** Mustafa Gunakan  
  Mwajuma Likombe  
  Nart Mehmeti Summer 2022
  Nita Kaja Fall 2021
** Nita Krasniqi  
* Olta Berisha  
  Qëndrim Ejupi  
  Rebeka Meta  
** Reis Plakolli  
  Rilind Krasniqi  
  Rina Dermaku Summer 2022
  Rina Ismaili Summer 2022
  Rita Cana Fall 2022
  Rona Millaku Fall 2022
** Shqiponja Myftari  
* Stinë Pashoja  
  Valdrin Berisha Summer 2022
  Veronë Hyseni  
  Vesa Sabedinaj  
* Vlera Gashi  
  Vlora Miftari  
*** Xhesilda Mehmetaj  
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Student Full Name Expected Completion
Besnik Tovërlani  
Diella Lulaj  
Doruntinë Fetahaj  
Fatos Ahmeti Summer 2022
Fjolla Hajrizaj Summer 2022
Irfan Lipovica Summer 2022
Jon Rugova Summer 2022
Lorik Fazlija  
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Graduate Checklist

Applying for Graduation:
Once a student is eligible to apply for graduation, the Office of the Registrar will send an email reminder each month to complete the application for graduation in SIS, and a notification will pop up on the student’s SIS account indicating they are eligible to apply for graduation. To access SIS, visit Once on SIS go to > Academic Records > Graduation > Apply for Graduation > Spring Semester 2022 (2215) > Submit

Edit your name on your diploma
Visit to edit how your name will appear on the diploma. To do so go to SIS > Academic Records > Graduation > Graduation Information > Enter Diploma Name > Type preferred First and Last name > Save

Update contact information for diploma delivery

Students who will be living outside of Kosovo and have a permanent address outside of Kosovo by May 2022 are recommended to change their diploma mailing address on their SIS profile to their permanent address. 
To do so go to SIS > Personal Information > Addresses > Add Diploma Address > Save

Students who will be living in Kosovo should have the RIT Kosovo address listed as their mailing address:
 RIT Kosovo, Gërmia Campus, Dr. Shpëtim Robaj st. nn, 10000 Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo

Graduation Requirements


This is your last semester at RIT Kosovo and we wanted to make sure that you are fully prepared for your graduation. Below you will see a checklist that you may go through to make sure you have completed all requirements. You can also find the graduation requirements on the Academic Bulletin. You are strongly advised to consult with your Academic Advisor to make sure that you are on the right track.
All students who want to walk in Graduation Commencement Ceremony need to complete the steps below. 

Bulletin: Academic Bulletin - 2021 - 2022

Forms: Academic Forms | RIT Kosovo | RIT

Co-op: Arlinda Hajdari -

Academic calendar: Academic Calendar | RIT Kosovo | RIT

Certification calendar: view calendar

 Certification process: any delay in the above-mentioned steps will result in certification postponement by a semester.

Students are responsible for checking their SIS profile and making sure that all the requirements have been fulfilled. To do so go to: SIS> Academic Records > My Academic Requirement - and make sure all requirements are satisfied (collapsed). If any of the above-mentioned are not finalized by March 25, 2022, This may affect your graduation.


ALL students need to apply for graduation!  You need to apply online via SIS. To apply go to SIS> Academic Records > Graduation > Apply for Graduation> Spring 2022 (2215). Make sure to print screen the page once you have completed this step and save it for your records

ALL students need to declare their immersion! You need to declare it online via your SIS profile. Make sure to check your transcript or SIS after a week to confirm that the declaration went through.

a.      All students need to declare an immersion in either Economics, English, International Relations, Political Science, or Public Policy.

b.      If you are graduating with a minor, you must declare the same immersion as your minor (i.e. minor in public policy, you declare your immersion in public policy).

c.       If you are graduating without a minor, you need to only declare the immersion you have selected.

d.      If you have declared your immersion wrongfully, then you should change it online via your SIS profile.

Students planning to graduate with a minor are required to fill in a ‘Minor Authorization Form’. See guidelines here.  Class details that are required in the form can be found in the SIS or SIS Class Search

a.      Students graduating in May 2022 (2215) need to bring in the form by March 25, 2022, the latest. Forms brought in later run the risk of negatively affecting your certification.

You need to earn a minimum of 120 credits in order to be eligible for graduation. This does not mean that as soon as you earn 120 credits, you will graduate, as they have to be earned towards your academic program.

Successful candidates for an undergraduate degree must have a program cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0, specifically a minimum GPA of 2.0 in each of the Professional Core Concentrations is required. The Minor GPA must also be at least 2.0 in order to be certified. Graduation honors are conferred on those who achieve a 3.40 or higher program cumulative GPA.

You need to complete all of the required courses within general education.(Academic Bulletin)

You need to complete the required courses within your selected concentration (i.e. Management students must complete PROF 206 – Managing the Workforce, ACCT 110 – Financial Accounting and ACCT 210 – Management Accounting to graduate). You need to earn a minimum of 20 semester credits for each concentration. You need to earn a GPA of 2.0 and above within your concentrations.(Academic Bulletin)

You need to complete the required courses within your selected minor (i.e. one cannot graduate with a minor in international relations without finishing POLS 120 - Introduction to International Relations). You need to earn a minimum of 15 credits. You need to earn a GPA of 2.0 and above within your minor.

By the end of your senior year, you need to have successfully completed two co-ops of 400 hours each. Any delay in the submission of the forms or co-ops registered in the summer will result in a delay of your graduation.

The course, SOIS 500 - Senior Capstone is a mandatory course for the students. Students must enroll in SOIS 500 – Senior Capstone in their final academic year. Students taking the honors capstone are exempt from taking the senior capstone.

If you are transferring in courses, the official transcripts need to be brought in, minimum six months before your graduation date, if you want to be certified on time. Note that the transcripts need to be sealed in an envelope in order to be accepted.

All grades must be recorded and any outstanding Incomplete (“I”) grades or any change of grades must be resolved before the end of the term. Any delay can result in a postponement of your certification.

A minimum of 30 credit hours shall be successfully completed in residence at the university in the college granting the degree (inclusive of service courses). If the student has successfully completed 30 credit hours in residence, a petition may be submitted to the dean to study 10 credit hours in absentia in the final year of the degree; at a minimum, 20 of the final 30 credit hours are to be completed in residence.

The commencement day will be held in May (more information will be provided throughout the spring semester). Please see the bulletin for the policy on graduation/commencement ceremony (Academic Bulletin).

Students who will be living outside of Kosovo and have a permanent address outside of Kosovo by March 25, 2022 are must change their diploma mailing address on their SIS profile to their permanent address. Students who will be living in Kosovo should have the RITK address listed as their mailing address:

RIT K, Gërmia Campus,
Dr. Shpëtim Robaj st. nn 
10000 Prishtina,
Republic of Kosovo

*Diplomas will not be mailed to other addresses within Kosovo, only the RIT K address.

All graduating students need to return their laptop to IT Office in order to remove the RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) domain membership and the associated licensed software. Please backup all your data since the computer is going to be reinstalled.

 All graduating students have the opportunity to transfer the ownership to them for a symbolic price of € 1. RIT Kosovo is offering to install the operating system (Windows 11) and MS Office Suite.

Please note that the data saved on ‘disk D’ will NOT be erased if you ask for it.

Returning the laptop is mandatory, and students who fail to do that will not receive their gown and be allowed to walk on the graduation day.

Note: Students that are allowed to walk on Graduation Day but still have classes left to graduate DON’T need to return the laptop computer now.

 For an additional details, please refer to the webpage.

Caps & Gowns & Tickets

The procedure for ordering a cap and a gown is the following:  

Students will bring a €50 deposit to the Business Office upon which they will receive a receipt of order. 
Students will take their €50 receipts (as proof of payment) to room where they will then be issued their cap and gown. 
Senior Exit Survey – before picking up your cap and gown it is mandatory to complete senior exit survey. 
Student will have the option of returning their cap and gown and receive their money back until May 31, 2022.
On returning the cap and gowns to room they will be provided with a receipt from RIT K’s Academic Affairs Office which they will then take to the Business Office in order to get their €50 reimbursed.

Note: Each student will be given 5 tickets.
COVID-19 measurement: You are required to have the vaccination card and/or the rapid test.

Gown Pick-Up Days

Thursday, May 5 From: 9AM - 4PM 
Friday, May 6 From: 9AM - 4PM
Tuesday, May 10 From: 9AM - 12PM 

Rehearsal Day

Tuesday, May 10 From: 1:30 PM 

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