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The Faculty Development Center at RIT Kosovo recently hosted the 'Paper Publishing Strategies Workshop' as part of its ongoing activities, taking place on January 26, 2024. The session centered around the crucial theme of finding the right publication venue for academic papers, offering practical insights into locating the most suitable journal. Discussions included considerations such as indexing, rating, as well as administrative and institutional steps to be undertaken before submitting a paper. Professor Mimoza Polloshka, the coordinator of the faculty development program, commenced the session with a brief introduction of the day's speakers, providing attendees with a concise overview of their professional backgrounds through a short biography presentation.

In a dynamic and insightful session, Professor Blerta Prevalla led the academic community through a comprehensive exploration of critical facets in research, publishing strategies, and ethical considerations. The engaging presentation covered the multifaceted benefits of research, emphasizing advantages for researchers, institutions, and students alike.


Professor Prevalla underscored the transformative impact of continuous knowledge expansion on professional development. By staying informed about the latest developments in their respective fields, academics foster intellectual curiosity and a commitment to lifelong learning. The session emphasized the inherent professional growth opportunities, including avenues for career advancement through publications, conference presentations, and grant funding.

As contributors to disciplinary advancement, academics play a vital role in shaping theories, methodologies, and best practices within their fields. The commitment to knowledge enhancement seamlessly extends to teaching practices, enriching classroom instruction with cutting-edge insights, empirical evidence, and real-world applications.

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The session delved into practical aspects of publication, guiding researchers through key considerations in selecting publication types. Professor Prevalla encouraged a thorough assessment of the publisher's reputation, collaboration dynamics, authorship issues, copyright implications, and associated costs. The importance of optimizing titles and abstracts, choosing the right institutional affiliation, deciding where to publish, engaging stakeholders, and fostering collaborations were highlighted to enhance the visibility and impact of research.

Emphasizing the ethical dimensions of research, Professor Prevalla highlighted the paramount importance of maintaining the integrity and credibility of academic publications. Ethical considerations were explored, showcasing examples that underscored the significance of transparency and responsible dissemination of research findings.

In a transformative academic session, Professors Blerta Prevalla and Debabrata Samanta guided participants through a comprehensive journey encompassing ethical research practices and practical strategies for publishing in high-impact Scopus indexed journals.

The session's pivotal conclusion resonated with a resounding call for the academic community to prioritize ethical practices. Professor Prevalla underscored the significance of research making a positive contribution to the academic landscape while adhering to the highest standards of integrity. Her insightful exploration left participants equipped with a profound understanding of the ethical dimensions in research.

The spotlight then shifted to Professor Debabrata Samanta, who delved into the intricacies of publishing in Scopus indexed journals. Providing valuable insights, he shared methods for searching appropriate journals based on subjects. Engaging the audience, Professor Samanta utilized mentimeter to include them in a poll for research questions, fostering an interactive and collaborative environment.

Professor Samanta continued the session with a practical example, demonstrating how to identify suitable platforms for research work submission, especially when collaborating with external partners. Additionally, he imparted knowledge on creating Orcid and Publons profiles, empowering participants with practical tools to enhance their visibility in the academic sphere.

The combined efforts of Professors Prevalla and Samanta in this comprehensive session left participants not only with a heightened understanding of ethical research practices but also armed with practical strategies to navigate the evolving landscape of research and publication. Their dedication to empowering the academic community resonated throughout the session, ensuring that attendees departed with a strengthened foundation for their scholarly endeavors.

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