Advancing Practice-Oriented Education: Reflections from the SIAHDPC Project

The Erasmus+ Student-Run Interdisciplinary Allied Health Digital Practice Center (SIAHDPC) project, in collaboration with consortium partners Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Martin Luther University Halle & Univations, Heimerer College, Klinika Digjitale, Kadri Zeka University, and RIT Kosovo (AUK), is a joint international project aimed at enhancing practice-oriented education in allied health sciences through virtual and mixed reality technologies.

Helsinki visit Erasmus

As part of SIAHDPC project, RIT Kosovo (AUK) participated in a five-day reflection visit at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland. This reflective seminar provided an opportunity to review our project achievements, assess remaining deliverables, and explore strategies for ensuring the sustainability of digital platforms, developed courses, and simulated learning experiences.

Another picture of Helsinki Erasmus project

Throughout the seminar, our staff engaged in reflective discussions to identify best practices, received guidance from experts, and explored potential future applications of our project deliverables. The reflection also included the success of the “Applied Research Methods and Ethical Practices” workshop in collaboration with the Honors Capstone course and the use of Smart Boards and Virtual Reality headsets which are both aimed at advancing digital research competencies.

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