Best Poster Awards at Prestigious Springer Symposium on Image and Signal Processing

"In the distinguished gathering of the 5th ISSIP Symposium on 'Image and Signal Processing', amidst a sea of talented individuals from 15 teams and 76 participants in these competitions, two groups of students have ascended to the pinnacle of recognition. The coveted Best Paper Award has been conferred upon the exemplary teams from Codecraft and Cybermetic, whose outstanding contributions have left an indelible mark on the academic landscape.

Hailing from Codecraft, the exceptional team comprising Dalina Canhasi, Diella Doli, Lea Deshishku, and Erblina Jahiu, along with Tanushe Bytyci, stand as shining examples of collaborative excellence. Their collective efforts have not only illuminated new avenues of research but have also set a precedent for scholarly achievement.

picture of students from codecraft

Equally deserving of acclaim, the formidable team from Cybermetic—comprised of Artesa Qela, Jona Berbatovci, Mert Gunes, Zani Thaqi, and Hera Kurti—has showcased unparalleled ingenuity and expertise. Their groundbreaking research endeavors have pushed the boundaries of knowledge and innovation, garnering widespread acclaim and admiration.

another picture of students of cybermetic

As they stand before their peers, adorned with the laurels of success, these students epitomize the spirit of academic excellence and scholarly endeavor. Their names will forever be etched in the annals of academic achievement, inspiring future generations to pursue excellence with unwavering determination and zeal.

picture of RIT lecturers

These awards wouldn’t be possible without the help of our student volunteers who gave their all and were truly involved in realizing and organizing this symposium.

photo of volunteers during the conference

Also, special thanks to the project manager, Lindita Bicaj, who managed everything so well, and to Arlinda Hajdari, who helped in creating the environment for the poster presentation."

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