The newest research from Prof. Fadil Sahiti Unleashing entrepreneurial potential in transition economies: a comparative analysis of the impact of macro and micro policies, published at European Journal of Government and Economics.

Dr. Fadil Sahiti's new publication explores the intricate relationship between macroeconomic and microeconomic policies and their impact on entrepreneurial dynamics during the transition from planned to free-market economies. Comparing two transitioning economies to a developed counterpart, the study reveals that, although macroeconomic policies may not explicitly target entrepreneurship, they wield a significant influence on entrepreneurial dynamics. Conversely, microeconomic policies are strategically crafted to actively promote and enhance entrepreneurial activity. Dr. Sahiti's analysis, linking policy quality to key entrepreneurial indicators, such as new firm creation and overall firm stock, sheds light on the complex interplay between policy decisions and the evolving entrepreneurial landscape. Notably, the findings indicate that while transitioning economies often adopt entrepreneurship policies akin to developed nations, subtle yet impactful country-specific variations give rise to distinct entrepreneurial dynamics across the studied economies.

The full paper can be viewed here:

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