Newest book by Prof Fadil Sahiti, "Industrial Policies for Technological Upgrading in Western Balkan Countries", published by Palgrave Macmillan - Springer

Prof Sahiti's newest book focuses on the economies of Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo; explores the industrial policies currently implemented in these economies and compares their effects with the situation in Slovenia, which is used as a reference country. The book provides a brief overview of some new approaches to industrial policy and proposes a new framework for these policies. The new framework aims to develop the national innovation system through increasing the efficiency of the use of industrial technology, its continuous upgrading, as a basis for sustainable social and economic development.

photo a cover page of professor Fadil Sahiti

The book delves into the analysis of the technical-economic features of these Western Balkan countries, as well as identifies some strategic options for industrial policies. In particular, the book highlights the need for a governance mindset that focuses on industrial development, as well as the development of a modern innovative national system. The analysis is based on contemporary industrial policy literature; in scientific works focused on developing economies (catch-up economies); the technological upgrading literature and innovation studies, which represent current academic thinking in these areas.

The book can be purchased online at:

Alternatively the book can be found in print version in different libraries around the world such as: Waterstone's in the UK; Barnes & Noble, ThriftBooks in the USA; Lehmans, Hugendubel in Germany; Ex Libris in Switzerland, Adlibris Aktiebolag in Sweeden, to name a few.



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