It is much easier to complete a double major than you might imagine!

A double major can be completed without any additional credits beyond what is required for your Bachelor of Science degree.

A double major looks especially distinctive on your résumé and gives you that extra edge. It shows your well-roundedness, flexibility, and openness.

You can double-count many courses towards both majors. For example, we can typically double-count a Senior Thesis, internship or co-op, some technical courses, and courses of related content.

We have arranged for many double majors for students in International & Global Studies and Sociology & Anthropology. We want to help you study what you like and stand out from the crowd!

Our graduates have been featured in a university news article about students pursuing double majors and dual degrees.

Contact the department chair, Prof. Uli Linke ( to discuss your goals and see if a double major works for you.

Double Majors