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Co-op Evaluation/Work Reports

Student Co-op Work Report

Many majors have mandatory co-op as part of their program requirements. Students in those programs who co-op, often have to submit a Work Report about their experience that their academic department reviews. Students complete their Report through our site: Submit Co-op Work Report. Click on "pending" to get started. 

Need to change/update the manager's contact information you submitted when you reported your co-op?
Please take the following steps:

1.            Go to:  

2.            Log in with your RIT username and password.   Be sure to click on the UPDATE CO-OP SUPERVISOR link.

3.            Review your Supervisor Information:

4.            If the information is correct, the email address is particularly important - no further action is required. Log out.

5.            If the information is incorrect or has changed, please complete the Supervisor Update Section and submit the updated information.

6.            If you had a supervisor change in your first term and are on a double block please make sure your supervisor is correct for your second term.


Co-op Evaluation

We send a link to a Co-op Evaluation to employers via email near the end of a student's co-op term. It is their responsibility to rate the student's performance at work, add comments, and submit that back to the university. We encourage employers to review their evaluation with students before they return to school as part of their professional development. Students can login here to View Co-op Evaluation(s).