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Co-op Notification and Registration


Accepting a Job Offer

Congratulations! Once you accept a co-op/internship job offer, even verbally, you are expected to honor this commitment. You must not back out, or renege on the job, to work for another employer! Make sure you confirm your start and end dates, work hours and other work site expectations with your employer prior to starting your job.

Co-op employers expect RIT and its students to operate according to accepted business ethics and standards. Further, RIT expects your behavior at all times, whether on or off campus to be in accordance with the standards articulated in the RIT Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education's Co-op & Experiential Learning Agreement.

International students need work authorization from the RIT International Student Services and cannot co-op until after three consecutive full-time academic terms of study have been completed (

Registering and Reporting Your Co-op/Internship

After you have accepted a co-op job, two steps are required to ensure that you will receive the appropriate co-op "credit" for each term you will be on co-op:

  • Notify the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education. You will need to submit the Report Your Co-op online form.
  • Register Your Co-op. You must be registered for co-op (as a course) in SIS. Provide your co-op information to your academic department so that they can register you for co-op prior to starting work. By registering for co-op, you will maintain your full-time student status and thus your eligibility for financial aid, student housing, etc. Also co-op will appear on your transcript for the term - an important asset!

Need to change/update the manager's contact information you submitted when you reported your co-op?
Please take the following steps:

If the information is correct the email address is particularly important - no further action required. Log out.
If the information is incorrect or has changed, please complete the Supervisor Update Section and submit the updated information.
If you had a supervisor change in your first term and are on a double block please make sure your supervisor is correct for your second term.

International Students

If you are an international student, you must obtain employment authorization from an international student advisor at RIT's Office of international Student Services. Please see more information here: Failure to obtain work authorization is considered one of the most serious violations of immigration rules and regulations.

Your Co-op Salary and Income Tax Information

Your employer determines your compensation level. Salary rates are based on a number of variables, including your academic plan, year level, prior work experiences and established company policies. There may be some room for negotiation based on circumstances. Check our web site for the latest co-op salary data listed by academic program.

According to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), salaries/wages paid to co-op students are fully subject to applicable federal and state income taxes.

Registering for the next term while out on co-op

While out on co-op you will receive registration information from your department to register online for the next term. If your next term is part of a double block co-op, you must register for the second co-op as well.

Employer evaluation of co-op performance

To receive a “Satisfactory “ (“S”) grade for co-op on your transcript, the following evaluation documents must be completed and returned to the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education:

  • Employer Evaluation of your performance. A link to a customized evaluation form is emailed to your employer by the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education during the midpoint of each term you are on co-op.
  • Student Co-op Work Report. Most, but not all, students need to complete a report. (Check your Co-op Quick Guide to see if it is a requirement of your program). This report is available to you via the student portal page of our site during the midpoint of each term you are on co-op.