Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable staff process all non-payroll disbursements including purchase order payments, invoice payment forms, travel and other employee reimbursements, student refunds and stipend payments to graduate research assistants. In addition, Accounts Payable staff prepare and distribute 1099 forms annually to individuals receiving payments from RIT for services.

Accounts Payable - Tips for Quick Processing

Accounts Payable Processes

Discretionary Expenditures

Employee Reimbursements Under an Accountable Plan

Mileage Reimbursement Requests

New Approval Management Engine (AME) Financial and HR Transaction Worfklow

Payments to Graduate Research Assistants

Payments to Independent Contractors

Petty Cash

Processing Payments on Invoice Payment Forms

Processing Purchase Order Payments

Reimbursements via Direct Deposit

RIT Reimbursement for Expenses/FAQ's

RIT Reimbursement for Travel/FAQ's

Signatory Authority

Travel Reimbursement Requests