RIT Reimbursement for Travel

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Online Application

Controller's Division, Accounts Payable

The RIT Reimbursement for Travel application can be accessed through https://myinfo.rit.edu or https://mybiz.rit.edu. Employee travel reimbursements that were previously processed via paper travel expense reports should now be processed through this online application. Using this system will help to provide a secure audit trail for travel reimbursements.

RIT Reimbursement for Travel Set Up Instructions

  1. Go to http://myinfo.rit.edu, click on the "Click here for Oracle Business Applications" button and login using your RIT Computer Account user id and password.  If you don't know your user id or password click on "Forgot Username?" or "Forgot Password?".
  2. Do you need to allow someone else to have permission to enter travel expense reimbursements on your behalf? If no, skip to step 3. From the Oracle homepage, select “RIT Reimbursement for Travel,” then “My Expenses Home.” In the middle of the screen near the top, you will see a link that says “Access Authorizations.” Once you have clicked on that, a new page will load and you should select the button on the left hand side that says “Add another row.” A white box will pop up with a magnifying glass next to it. Click on the magnifying glass, a pop up box will come up. (No pop up box? Temporarily disable your pop-up blocker.) Search by the last name of the person who you would like to enter for you; do not enter their first name. Click in the circle next to the name of the person who you want to designate, click on select. Then save.
    Note: If you have already delegated RIT Reimbursement for Expenses to someone, the delegation will carry forward to RIT Reimbursement for Travel.
  3. How do you want your reimbursements made to you? Via a paper check or direct deposited to the account your payroll is set up with? From the Oracle homepage, select “RIT Reimbursement for Travel” and then “Select Expense Payment Method.” Click on the “Add” button at the bottom of the screen. On the next screen, use the drop down box to select the reimbursement method—“AP Check” will have a check sent to your home address and “Payroll Direct Deposit” will have the payment direct deposited to the account you have your pay going to (if you have more than one account, it will go to the account where your “remainder pay is going”). The Payable Set up is if you want to set up an entirely different bank account. If this is the case you will need to send AP a direct deposit form.
  4. Can I set a default account for all my reimbursements? From the Oracle homepage, select “RIT Reimbursement for Travel”. Select “Specify Default Account Override for Expenses”. Click on the ADD button. You may change the Department, FEC, and/or Project number to default for all your expenses. Click Apply. A screen showing the entry will appear. Click Next if everything is OK. Your proposed changes will appear. If it is correct, click Submit.
  5. You are now set up to self enter your payments or to have someone else enter on your behalf. If someone is entering on your behalf, you will still need to approve the submission before it can continue on the approval path to accounts payable.  Original receipts will still be required for purchasing by AP in order to complete the reimbursement process.  You will receive an email once the expense is entered and you need to take action. If you have any questions, please  contact Barb Thome at 475-7221.

Frequenty Asked Questions: Oracle Online Expense for Travel

How are the expenses routed for approval?

If the reimbursement is entered by a delegate, it will route to the employee for approval. It then goes to the employee’s manager. If the manager does not have a high enough dollar threshold for the expense, it will route based on signature authority following the Approval Management Engine (AME) used for signatory hierarchy.

If I grant entry authorization to another person, can they change my reimbursement method or see my banking information?

No to both – each person has to set up their own banking information and only that person can see the details

If I am entering for another person, can I view the report after it is submitted?

Yes all reports for yourself and the individuals who have granted you entry authorization can be viewed from your “My Expenses Home” page, whether you entered the report or not.

Should the application be used to reimburse students?

The application should not be used to reimburse students. Students should still be reimbursed by using Non-RIT employee travel and business expense reimbursement form on the CTO webpage.

I traveled with other RIT employees. I did not pay for any of their expenses. Do I have to indicate that somewhere?

Please fill in the names of the other RIT employees in the space labeled ‘Traveled With’ on the first screen of the expense report.

Are original receipts required?

YES, original receipts are required, but will be maintained in your home department. You will need to attach a file of your scanned receipts directly to the online travel expense report. Please do not attach receipts individually.

How long does my department have to maintain original receipts?

Keep all original documentation (receipts, airline itinerary, registration form, etc.) for the fiscal year until the year-end audit is complete and the financial statements are issued the following November. You will receive a notification from Accounting Operations when the original documents can be destroyed.

If I used the CTA (Central Travel Account) to purchase my airfare, do I need to attach the itinerary?

YES, attach the itinerary and the page showing the total cost of airfare.

How do I attach the receipts?

At the ‘Review’ phase of the expense report, on the line labeled ‘attachments’, there is an ‘ADD’ button. Click and a window will pop up with a Title, Description, and Category. Fill in each section with something that is meaningful to you. Below that is where you will attach the file that you scanned your receipts to. Click ‘Browse’ and your desktop will open. Choose the appropriate folder, click on the file name, click ‘Insert’ and the file will be attached.

What if I need to charge another department or college?

You can charge another department by changing the account line on the “Expense Allocation” screen. The expense will automatically be routed according to the purchasing hierarchy of the department you are charging.

Can I enter mileage via this system?

Yes. On the “Cash and Other Expenses” screen you can click on the blue tab that says “Mileage Expenses” and enter your mileage. Be sure to include the business reason for your travel in the justification field.

Can I enter a per diem if I don’t want to use actual receipts?

Yes. On the “Cash and Other Expenses” screen you can click on the blue tab that says “Per Diem”. You need only enter the start date and number of days of the trip. The system will calculate the total amount. Remember, that if you choose this method, AND you have travel credit card charges for meals, you will need to mark those meals as personal.

Can I start my travel expense report and save to come back to later?

Yes. Just click on SAVE at any point. When you go back into “My Expenses Home”, you will see your travel expense report in the second section of the screen labeled: Update Travel Expense Reports. Click on the pencil icon at the end of the line click ‘Next’ through each page until you get to the point where you need to add expenses/make changes.

I used my own credit card. How do I enter these expenses?

You will enter those transactions on the ‘Cash and Other Expenses” screen.

How do I get an RIT PNC Travel Card?

The application form in located on the Controller’s web page, or by clicking here. Send the form to Valerie Russell, Accounting, EAS – 6008.

How long does it take to get an RIT PNC Travel Card?

Once received in Accounting, it will take 5 – 7 business days.

How often are PNC charges loaded to Oracle?

PNC travel card charges are uploaded to Oracle Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for charges from the prior day. Saturday and Sunday charges are uploaded on Monday. The date you see them depends on when the merchant uploaded the transactions to VISA.

I used the Pro Card for my registration fee. I do not need reimbursement for that. How do I enter that expense?

You will enter the total of all pro card expenses on the first screen under “Additional Travel Information”.  The field is labeled “Additional Pro Card Expense Amount” and is a required field. Enter ‘0’ if no expenses on pro card.

Does the system recognize if I have exceeded the maximum daily allowance allowed (with actual receipts)?

Yes, you will receive an error message if the daily allowance exceeds the maximum allowed. You will need to ‘Itemize’ one or more of the expenses to reduce the amount requested.

How do I account for Hospitality?

From the drop down on the specific line, make sure that ‘Hospitality’ is selected in the ‘Expense Type’. Click on the ‘details’ icon at the end of the line and complete the entries for number of attendees, names, and business purpose of the expense.

What if I have several hospitality charges and the same people attended? Do I have to retype the information for every line?

No, simply include a list of attendees with the attached file of documents at the end of the expense report. You will still need to code the line as ‘Hospitality’ from the drop down and click on the details button. In the justification field, just type, list attached.

Do I have to enter lodging costs by day?

No, you can enter one total that includes all days for lodging. This should be LODGING only, though. Breakout all other charges such as internet, etc. included on the bill by using ‘Itemize’.

What if the sales tax exemption is denied at the hotel?

Indicate this in the justification box on the lodging line.

Can I request a cash advance for my trip?

Yes, use an Invoice Payment Form, and forward to the Accounts Payable department. The advance will not be issued more than 5 days prior to your trip.

How do I account for the advance on the expense report?

If you have outstanding advances, it will be noted at the top of the expense report. Just before you ‘Submit’ the expense report, a tab will open for advances. You must take appropriate action on each advance before proceeding. You may apply an advance or indicate ‘Not this Trip’.

My department travel budget is all under one budget (object code) line. Now my charges will be split among several lines. Does this matter?

No, it does not matter if it is an RIT budget. More information for NTID will be communicated by the NTID budget office.

I traveled internationally. I see that I have to enter the foreign currency used. Will the program automatically convert my international charges?

NO, you will still need to convert each receipt to US Dollars and write it on the receipt. If you have used the PNC travel card, you will see both the foreign amount and the US Dollar amount on each transaction. You will not need to convert those receipts.

I received an email notification that an expense report needs to be approved. How do I view the details?

You should be able to access the Expense Details by logging into the "RIT Reimbursement for Travel" responsibility. At the bottom of the 'Expenses Home' tab is a Notifications section. All of your notifications will be included in this section.

I made airline reservations using an RIT designated travel agency for someone else, but did not travel myself. How do I clear those charges?

You will need to create an expense report in your name as long as there are no other expenses to be reimbursed to the traveler.  In the description on the first screen, you will enter the purpose of the report, i.e. : Clear airfare charges for students traveling to 'XYZ' conference. Click on all the airline charges that apply. The agent service fee should be listed separately from the airline charge.