Corporate Travel Cards

RIT has contracted with PNC Bank to provide corporate travel cards to University employees. All regular RIT and NTID employees who expect to incur $500 of RIT approved business travel or hospitality expenses per year may apply for a corporate travel card.

  • RIT and NTID employees may apply for a PNC Corporate Travel Card.

The corporate travel card is "individual pay" - the employee (cardholder) is responsible to remit payment directly to the bank for all expenses incurred on the card in connection with business-related travel and/or hospitality. The employee may request reimbursement from the University for authorized business expenses. While the card is issued in the name of the employee, it may only be used to pay for business travel expenses including only hotels, transportation services including car rentals and airport parking, meals, and supplies needed while travelling as well as hospitality. The corporate travel card is not for personal use.

The PNC Corporate Travel Card provides employees with a convenient method to pay for RIT business travel and hospitality expenses. There are numerous advantages to using a corporate card:

  • Your credit line on your personal credit card is not tied up with business expenses.
  • It simplifies tracking reimbursable business expenses.
  • Since the RIT tax exempt number is embossed on the card, hotels and other businesses are more likely to accept RIT's tax exemption.
  • Using your card streamlines completing your travel expense report since card charges are imported into IExpenses from PNC Bank.

Please plan ahead to ensure that you have your card in-hand prior to leaving on your business trip.

General Information about Corporate Travel Cards

  • Applying for a Corporate Travel Card ("Card") - You may initiate an application at any time. Departmental approval is required prior to submitting the application to Accounting.
    • Go to the controller's office website for the PNC Travel Card Application
    • Return the completed application either via email ( or interoffice mail; University Card Administrator (UCA), attention: Valerie Russell, 100 Park Point 2nd Floor @ RIT, for processing.
    • Cards are usually available for pick-up from the Controller's Office within five to ten (5-10) business days after the completed form is received by Accounting.
    • Sign the PNC Travel Card Cardholder Agreement and send it with your application. RIT identification is required for card pick-up. You are expected to read and comply with all terms stated in the disclosure agreement accompanying the Card.
    • Only one Card will be issued to each employee. RIT will not provide a second (spouse) Card.
  • Delinquent Accounts - You, the cardholder, are responsible to pay for all charges incurred on the Card.
    • An account becomes delinquent when a payment has not been received by the bank and credited to your account within 25 days. If an account is not paid within 31 days, RIT will send an email notifying you that the account is past due.
    • If you do not make payment within 61 days of the billing date, your Card will be suspended.  The cardholder and supervisor will receive an email stating the card will be suspended and balance due is expected to be paid in full by end of business day.  The cardholder's procurement card, if applicable, will also be suspended.
    • If you do not make payment within 91 days of the billing date, your Card will be cancelled.  The cardholder and supervisor will receive an email stating the card will be cancelled and balance due is expected to be paid in full by end of business day.  The cardholder's procurement card, if applicable, will also be cancelled.  You will not be reissued another Card at any time in the future.
    • The RIT travel card is a personal liability credit card; therefore, delinquent balances will affect your personal credit.  In addition, delinquencies such as this jeopardize the viability of the travel card program and it has a potentially serious impact on RIT.  If you need assistance or guidance regarding resolution of delinquent debt on your RIT travel card, you may contact your HR Services Manager who will provide you with information regarding RIT's Employee Assistance Program.
  • Leaves of Absence - If you are granted a leave of absence without benefits, you must surrender your Card before beginning the leave. If you are granted a leave of absence with pay, you may retain and continue to use your Card.
  • Lost or Stolen Cards - If your Card is lost or stolen, call:
    • PNC Bank: 1-800-685-4039
  • Reimbursement for Expenses - Complete a RIT Travel Expense Report online to be reimbursed for business travel or hospitality expenses charged to your Card; RIT will not remit payment for your bill directly to your Card provider.
  • Responsibility for Payment - You, the cardholder, are responsible to pay for all charges incurred on your Card in a timely manner. Card statements are mailed directly to you and are also available online the first day after statement date.  You are responsible for remitting payment directly to the bank. The amount owed for all charges is due by the payment date indicated on the statement. A late fee and finance charge will be assessed when payments are received after the due date. Cardholders are responsible to pay any late fees or finance charges.  RIT will not reimburse cardholders for late fees and finance charge.
  • Termination of Participation - Your participation in the Card program will be terminated under any one of the following conditions:
    • When you are no longer employed by RIT.
    • If your account becomes delinquent (past 30 days) more than six times in any 12 month period.
    • If your account is 61 or more days past due.
  • Other
    • You may not use the Card for personal use or delegate the use of your Card to another individual.
    • Misuse of the Card may result in disciplinary action.
    • The Card may not be used to purchase equipment or supplies. Follow RIT purchasing policies and procedures for such purchases.
    • If you cancel your Card for any reason, cut it in half and return to Accounting, 100 Park Point 2nd Floor @ RIT
    • Since the Card is for business use only, it is imprinted with RIT's tax exempt number. All qualified purchases made with the Card are sales tax exempt.
      • Inform the vendor of RIT's tax exempt status before the transaction is processed. You will be asked to present a New York State Tax Exempt form; forms may be obtained from the Controller's Office at 475-2383.
      • Refer to the Controller's Office web page for a list of states that recognize RIT's tax exempt status; call the Controller's Office at 475-2383 to obtain the tax exempt form for the state you are traveling to.
      • Note: Travelers will not be reimbursed for sales taxes paid if they have not asked for the exemption.
  • Use of the Corporate Travel Card
    • Use the Card for official RIT travel-related expenses including the following:
      • Automobile Rental and other transportation services, excluding air and rail tickets that should be charged to the CTA account through one of RIT designated travel agencies. Refer to the Controller's Office web page for more information.
      • Food service establishments
      • Fuel
      • Lodging

PNC Corporate Travel Card

  • Refer to the PNC / Visa Commercial Card Benefits Package that comes with your Card to learn more about the benefits available to all Visa cardholders:
    • Travel and Emergency Service
    • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
    • For emergency service or answers call: 1-800-VISA-911
  • Report lost or stolen cards to PNC Bank at: 1-800-685-4039