Onboarding for Employees




Here are some valuable resources that you, as a new employee, can utilize to launch a productive and successful career at RIT.  
For more information please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or you can e-mail questions/comments to careers@rit.edu.

RIT Mission, Vision, Values


New Employee I-9 Form Completion

  • New employees must complete Section 1 of the Form I-9 on or before their first day of employment.  This can be done by logging into http://www.newi9.com/.
  • New employees must present valid identification documents to a representative of the Human Resources Department in Eastman Hall no later than the third day of employment.
  • Individuals are not processed for payroll without completing the Form I-9.
  • An I-9 Form must be on file for all regular employees as well as adjunct faculty and temporary employees. (Temporary associates assigned to work at RIT through a staffing firm are not on the university's payroll and thus complete their I-9 forms with the staffing firm.)
  • Once HR has received the completed I-9 form, the employee information will be sent to the central IT identity system (CLAWS) to set up the appropriate affiliations.


ID Cards

The new employee will obtain the ID card request form from HR so they can take it to the Registrar’s Office on the 1st floor of the Eastman Building. The UID number is written on the request form, if available.

  1. The Registrar’s office will generate the ID card using the form.
    1. A form of ID and the Social Security Number from the employee is required by the Registrar’s office to generate the card.
    2. The Registrar’s office will create a new UID or update the existing UID with the affiliation of New Hire and with Social Security Number and Date of Birth from employee.


Computer and Systems Information

Service Desk Process to issue RIT Computer Account and Email

The employee’s home department completes an ITS Computer Account Request form and submits it to the RIT Service Desk. Their contact information is:

Phone 585-475-HELP
E-mail servicedesk@rit.edu
Office Gannett Building, Room 1113

The Service Desk will then create a ticket and set up the new computer account with the appropriate access levels of access.

Other System(s) Access

Access to other systems such as Lenel, MyCourses, and SIS may be automatic based on the affiliations in Claws and the information in HR. 

System Links and Support

Information & Technology Services (ITS)
Provides services for initial setup, upgrades, troubleshooting, software support, file sharing, etc.

ITS Service Desk
Computer Related Support e-mails. Or, call 475-HELP.

Information Security

Oracle Manager Self-Service Access 
Note that RIT Supervisor Self-Service is automatically assigned to individuals who have direct reports.

HR Systems and Self Service

ITS Downloadable Forms for Computer and Mobile Device Access

Including dining services accounts.

Access Oracle Administrative Systems (https://mybiz.rit.edu )

Employee Self Serve (https://myinfo.rit.edu )

Software Licensing and Volume Purchasing Agreements

Download VPN 
Virtual Private Network. Required for Off-Campus Use of Oracle Administrative Systems. (See VPN FAQ)

Oracle Support

Student Information:


Dialing Instructions and Relay Service

Campus Directories

University Organizational Charts



Human Resources Web Site

New Hire Personal Data Form

MyInfo - Employee Self Service

I-9 Form
Proper ID is necessary.

University ID
Needed for enrollment in many RIT systems. Issued after I-9 is completed.

New Employee Orientation




Payroll Website

Payroll Schedule

MyInfo - Employee Self Service

Customer Support

Kronos Timekeeping

Direct Deposit Form



Oracle Administrative Systems Customer Support

Travel Card

General Ledger Access

Ethics Hot Line



General Travel Information


Required Employee Training

RIT's Policy on Prohibiting Harrassment and Discrimination

Early Intervention Training

Compliance and Conflict of Interest


Ongoing Professional Development and Training


Policies and Procedures

Be sure to discuss department policies.

Institute Policy Manual

Human Resource Policies and Procedures

Individual Conflict of Interest/Commitment

Institute Audit, Compliance & Advisement



New employees go to Info Booth for temporary parking pass. Visit Parking for additional parking and transportation information.

Campus Maps



The university is committed to a sustainable community and employees are encouraged to participate in sustainable practices. Visit the Sustainability website at http://www.rit.edu/sustainability/.