Undergraduate Capstone Projects

The Capstone Project is an opportunity for students to complete their Bachelors degree by demonstrating the skills and knowledge they have gained throughout their program of study.

The Capstone Project culminates in a written paper and a poster presentation.  Students may elect to do a digital demo and verbal overview of an electronic project instead of a summary poster.

With such a variety of Capstone Project ideas resulting from our diverse student body, the School of Individualized Studies seeks to bring examples of these outstanding products to prospective students, the academic community, employers and other interested parties.

SOIS Capstone Project Symposium - Fall 2019

Past Capstone Projects

Undergraduate Students

Missing Maps Mapathon
By: Frankie James Albin

By: Sarah Balaschak

Reported Uses & Health effects of Protein Powders Among College Students
By: Twinkle Bawa

Lines + Light + Color
By: Grace Liana Blondell

Student Viewpoints of School of Individualized Study
By: Bridgit Brobbey

Who Tweets More?
By: Jacob Bullard

How Do You Perform Under Pressure?
By: Connor Calkins

The Local Republic
By: Brian Carroll

Catering Management
By Peter Del Col

Creating a Community
By: Jacob Frank

Solar @ RIT ( An Analysis of the solar energy resource avaialble to RIT )
By: Rodrigo Folgar

Interpreting Disservices: South Asia 
By: Lexa Frail

Queerly Wed - Wedding Services
By: Tess Galvan

Brick by Brick: An RIT-Themed Online Card Game
By: Emely Giraldo

Friends of Historic Two Saints "Divine Development & Capacity Building"
By: Michael Hardy

Making RIT's Online Publications Multilingual
By: River Hoffman

Science Fiction Brought Up by the Era of Philosophical Radicals & Romantics: Utilitarian Critical Readying of Mary Shelley
By: Devin Kalish

Telling My Story With Manga Literacy
By: Jee-Hye Laughlin

Bringing Quantum Computing & Prgramming Education to RIT
By: Jacob Mekker

The Wellness Industry: Client-Focused Careers
By: Kristina Mckinnie

Chill Thrills: An analysis on the skier's motivations
By: John Moricone

Facebook Security Setting Usability
By: Helen O'Connell

SQUISHLY: A content Discovery Platform
By: Emmanuel Olaojo

Information Technology Decision Making
By: George Owusu

NTID Clubs vs. The Student Life Team ( How One's Programming Imapcts the Community)
By: Viktoriya Pavlovskaya

Solve Assist
By: Nick Pembroke

Launching a Software Company
By: Chase Poirier

A Biting Review: The Pros & Cons of Shark Tourism
By: Emily Robins

A Qualitative Analysis of Policy Impact on Sales of Electric Vehicles
By: Lea Rodiqi

Virtual Computers & Servers
By: Scott Rossi

The Inconsistencies of Modern Prejudice
By: Corbin Shamburger

Heart Monitors, Fad or Here to Stay?
By: Chris Solis

SAPIENTCOM, LLC (A Business Plan for a Start Up)
By: Frank Trento

 Project Daring Dasher
By: Tim Yuan

Patience for your Patients
By: Katelyn Wylie

The Effects of Employee Stress and Burnout within Group Homes
By: Hannah Zachmeyer

Why a Short Story?
By: Mehryaar Zafarullah

Graduate Students Posters

Development of Topography Monitors for Inhaled Nicotine Delivery Systems
By: Emma Sarles

Waterloo Library & Historical Society
By: Cyndi Park

So You Want to Be a Principal Investigator?
By: Stephanie Beiter

Interrelationships Between Child Maltreatment, Schizotypy, & Theory of Mind Impairments
By: Victoria Popov & Lindsay Schenkel

Undergraduate Students

Abbott Michael - Trust The Testimonial

Anika Aftab - Breaking the Cycle

Alvarez Antonio - Green House Building a Cleaner Future

Cabrera Jonathan -Trakpatch

Cammarata Sam _ Mobile Games Testing

Coleman Leah - The Streelight Project

Compeau Jill - Accessibility for RIT's Deaf-Blind Students

Cubi Keyla -The Helium Insufficiency

Curcione Gabe - Habitat for Humanity

D-Anjolell Katherine - Multimedia Storytelling

Decker Josh - Analyzing Stress In Physics Majors

Dolan Elaine - How Medicine Perceives Deafness

Fierce Anothony - Deaf People Working as Sport Analyst

Burrus Shaena - Changing Standards of Beauty

Gray Marchael - Anime A Segue Into Japanese

Guzman Justin - Communication Access in Chicago

Leonard Catherine - Above the Knife

Lewis Brenna - Habitable Exoplanets

Lyman Ruth - I am dead, Now What?

Mahoney Tom - Deceptive Advertisements

Martinez Alex - Life & Mars

Mclaughlin Charlie -The Culture of Dunder Mifflin

Misiorski Evan - Status of Clubs and Their Executive Board at RIT

Rahim - FREAQ

Shifirin Yulia - Property Management System

Simons Patty - Pieces of the Dementia Puzzle

Smith Aaron - Artificial Intelligence Hearthstone

Toy Patrick - Intermission Machine

Urijah Vashti - Illustrated Short Story

White Shawn - Classroom Support Training and Management

Graduate Students

Fran Broderick - Managing Grassroots Campaign Marketing and Communications

Karl-Christopherson - HCD at Fisher Price

Maureen Gallagher - Ageism, Impact & Raising Awareness

Johanna Miller - Visualizing Hazardous Air-Pollution Levels

Jody Nolan - Online Fire Safety Orientation for Residence Hall Students

Eva Skovli - Social Media Marketing Plan for VeeTV