Fine Art Photography Option - Photographic and Imaging Arts BFA Option


The fine art photography option prepares students for careers as visual artists, educators, editorial photographers, or freelance artists. Graduates are employed in a number of professional fine-art related institutions such as museums, archives, studios, and commercial galleries. The primary goal is to nurture the artist’s personal aesthetic vision through photographic expression. Studying the theoretical and practical skills needed to create thought-provoking and meaningful images develops technical, conceptual, and aesthetic abilities, and furthers students' goals as contemporary image-makers. This option is part of the Photographic and Imaging Arts BFA program.

The interdisciplinary curriculum enables students to explore other related fields in the fine arts, including painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic design, video, film, animation, printmaking and printing, computer graphics, and web publishing. Foundation and specialized courses include digital imaging workflow, alternative processes, new media, history and aesthetics of photography, and exhibition display.

Students have the opportunity to enroll in independent projects, educational internships, or co-ops in galleries, workshops, or other art and imaging centers. Students may choose to spend a year abroad earning credit in an applicable field of their choosing.



  • Advertising, PR, and Marketing

  • Museum

  • Higher Education

  • Journalism, Media, and Publishing

Careers and Experiential Learning

Typical Job Titles

Archivist Art Director
Artist Conservator
Content Producer Curator
Curatorial Assistant Director of Education
Editorial photographer Freelance Photographer
Gallerist/Gallery Manager Lab Assistant
Magazine Editor Professor/Teacher
Studio Manager/Assistant Videographer

Salary and Career Information for Photographic and Imaging Arts BFA

Career Opportunities in Fine Art Photography

Graduates find careers as exhibiting artists, photo educators, picture editors, art directors, photographers’ representatives, photographic archivists or curators, museum and gallery staff, multimedia specialists, self-employed photographers, custom-image printers, and film/video artists or animators. Many students choose to pursue graduate work and earn an MFA degree in the arts.

Fine Art Photography Internships

Students apply for internships with some of the nation’s most respected galleries, museums, artists and workshop providers. They work behind the camera in editorial, commercial, and studio environments and have the opportunity to learn from photographers, picture editors, art directors, curators and other professionals. Students receive assistance from their professors and from the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education in identifying and applying for internships. Internships provide real-world work experience, which is an invaluable part of our student's educational experience.

Creative Industry Day

RIT’s Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education hosts Creative Industry Day, which connects students majoring in art, design, film and animation, photography, and select computing majors with companies, organizations, creative agencies, design firms, and more. You'll be able to network with company representatives and interview directly for open co-op and permanent employment positions.

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Admission Requirements

This option is part of the Photographic and Imaging Arts BFA. Please visit the degree program page for admission requirements.

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