Students in Advertising & Public Relations and in Communication write a Senior Thesis:  an original, scholarly research project.  Working with the course instructor and another department professor, you select a topic, decide how to phrase the project’s research questions, create a justification for the research, review previously published scholarship, determine the best method to be used to answer your questions, and then implement the project.

You take Senior Thesis toward the end of your RIT career, when you’re well prepared to tackle the thesis.  You will have completed Theories of Communication, which builds a foundation for the project, and Research Methods, which provides a range of options to conduct the research.  Many students successfully combine elements of what they learned in other Communication courses, as well as Professional Core classes, to complete the research project for Senior Thesis.

Communication students who go on to graduate school say that the senior thesis experience places them well ahead of their peer grad students.  And those who enter professional careers after graduation report their thesis work demonstrates to employers their ability to think originally and creatively, and deliver work that meets customer requirements.