+1 MBA Early Acceptance Pathway

Outstanding undergraduate applicants may qualify to follow an accelerated +1 MBA Early Acceptance Pathway to get their MBA in one extra year.

The +1 MBA Early Acceptance Pathway is for successful RIT applicants who are offered admission into a designated undergraduate RIT program and are offered conditional early acceptance into the +1 MBA program upon their acceptance into RIT. This reduces the time to an advanced degree by one year, reduces total tuition expense, provides a guaranteed minimum graduate scholarship, and delivers wage premiums between 10% to 33% upon graduation.

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If you are not accepted into a designated undergraduate RIT program, all majors at RIT are eligible for the +1 MBA enrolled student pathway after arrival at RIT.

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A master of business administration (MBA) typically takes two years to complete, after completing an undergraduate degree. In the +1 MBA, you’ll complete your MBA in 1 year after the completion of your undergraduate degree. This pathway entails earning credits as an undergraduate that count toward up to 6 graduate MBA courses to be waived. The +1 MBA enables you to combine two degrees, leading to increased earning potential, while saving you both time and money.


Scholarship Awards for RIT Students

First year students gaining early acceptance into a Combined Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree will receive a guaranteed minimum graduate scholarship of 40%.

Scholarship Awards for RIT Honors Students

RIT Honors students applying to Saunders College of Business graduate programs can now qualify for a 50% scholarship. This applies to all applicants who successfully complete the requirements of the RIT Honors Program upon certification and are accepted into Saunders College. Please see the Saunders Honors page for more details.

Hear from MBA students

Ananya Das Bandyopadhaya Headshot

Nothing beats the wonderful people I have met here. My professors have helped me immensely with case studies and showed me how to write graduate-level essays. My classmates come from all over the globe, bringing rich experiences, knowledge, and culture. There is so much to learn from their different perspectives! The administrators could not have been more helpful. They have always provided me the support that I could not have done without.

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Ananya Das Bandyopadhaya

MBA '21 (business administration and management, business analytics)

Emily loved that at the center of a university recognized for technological excellence, a Saunders MBA gives you unparalleled options to customize your degree and flexible scheduling options for your convenience.

Austin's time in the Saunders College of Business allowed him to leverage the resources of a large university within a smaller college to advance his business ideas from concept to commercialization.

Bradshaw defines his brand as a marriage of technology and business, which is his story at RIT. He came here for engineering and fell in love with business.

Academic Preparation

It is critical that you collaborate with your advisor to develop a plan of study for the +1 MBA to ensure completing necessary courses on time.