BS – New Media Interactive Development Overview

We code compelling experiences.

The field of new media explores new and evolving technologies—the Internet, social software, hand-held and wearable devices, touch and gestural interfaces, the Internet of Things, virtual reality, and more—to create useful, delightful, and engaging experiences.

Our graduates build professional-quality web sites, program apps for mobile devices and tablets, and create social networking applications that connect people with technology and each other. Students learn to program using current and emerging technologies for the web, touchscreens, wearables, and interactive objects in the environment. They also learn design principles to make the interactive experiences they build polished and captivating.

What is New Media Interactive Development?

New Media Interactive Development is a 4-year BS degree program founded on the understanding that creating interactive, media-rich experiences is a collaborative process drawing equally on technology and design. This interdisciplinary approach reflects industry practice and is built into the degree structure: NMID’s partner program is a BFA in New Media Design (NMD). Throughout their education, students in NMID and NMD take several courses together culminating in a team capstone project in their senior year. Check out some of our students' projects in the IGM Gallery.

NMID Careers

NMID alumni work in international award-winning digital media agencies, Fortune 100 companies, mobile application startups, casual game studios, advertising agencies, educational software firms, and web development teams in all types of corporations.

According to$78,000 is the average salary of Creative Developer jobs, which is just one of the positions our students are qualified for after graduating. Here are just a few of the job titles of our recent NMID graduates:

  • Front End Developer
  • Web Designer/Developer
  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Interactive Developer
  • Creative Developer
  • UI/UX Developer
  • UI/UX Designer

Here are some of the top employers that have hired our students:

NMID is a co-operative education program. Co-ops are full-time, paid jobs where students gain valuable, hands-on experience in industry—a definite edge when applying for jobs after graduation. Students must complete two co-op blocks over the course of their undergraduate programs. Click for more information on the co-op program.


For more information about the NMID program, please consult these resources.

  • High school seniors can find information about the admissions process here.
  • Transfer students from other 2-year or 4-years schools can find information here.
  • Current RIT students can find Change of Program (COP) information here.
  • Other contact information, including our email address, directions to campus, and information on scheduling a tour, can be found on the IGM Contact Us page.