A hand with fingers spread, palm facing a person's chest with a text overlay that reads "Inspired"
INSPIRED – A Morpheyes Short Film

INSPIRED, an award-winning Morpheyes original short film, was written by a deaf and disabled woman, cast authentically, and the entire behind-the-camera team (aside from the sound technician) identifies as deaf and uses ASL as a primary means of professional communication. In the cast, only one of the four actors knew ASL, and in-person communication between the cast and production was mediated by certified sign language interpreters. The project is currently in the film festival circuit with plans for an online public release in 2024.

Synopsis: Raina, once the only deaf and disabled person in film school, reunites with her ex and former teaching assistant, Sebastian. On their date, it becomes clear the ways in which their college romance–and its sudden end–inspired the people they’ve become and the actions they take. Their love was never normal, it was special.


Video • 1920x1080

Internal Project