Program of Study

Curriculum for the MS in Game Design and Development

The program's curriculum consists of required courses, advanced electives, and a capstone experience.

Capstone experience

During the second year, students complete a team-based capstone experience where students present and defend their work. This presentation includes a private faculty review, which constitutes the capstone defense, a public presentation, and a demonstration.

Game design and development, MS degree, typical course sequence.

IGME Masters Worksheet

Advanced electives

Students choose five of the following advanced electives:

IGME-670 Digital Audio Production
IGME-671 Interactive Game Audio
IGME-680 IGM Production Studio
IGME-681 Innovation and Invention
IGME-720 Social and Pervasive Game Design
IGME-730 Game Design and Development for Casual and Mobile Platforms
IGME-740 Game Graphics Programming
IGME-750 Game Engine Design and Development
IGME-760 Artificial Intelligence for Gameplay
IGME-790 Graduate Seminar in IGM
IGME-796 Advanced Topics in Game Design
IGME-797 Advanced Topics in Game Development
IGME-799 Independent Study

Topics Courses

During the first year, students are generally surveyed regarding their interest in current topics. Previous topics courses that have been offered are from subjects such as:

Game Network Development
Game Balance
Advanced 3D Modeling
Foundations in Interactive Narrative