Graduate Cooperative Education

Advanced Knowledge
+ Career Experience

Cooperative education is real, relevant career experience. At the graduate level, paired with an advanced degree, co-op gives you the unparalleled credentials that truly set you apart. You’ll graduate with an advanced degree and the career experience employers look for in their next top hires.

In all of RIT’s graduate programs, cooperative education is optional but strongly encouraged. Depending on your graduate program, you may complete graduate co-op during the summer term or by alternating semesters on campus with a semester or two on co-op.

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6 Reasons Graduate Co-op Sets You Apart

1. Paid Career Experience

Earn a full-time salary as you gain career experience on co-op. Your co-op and internship earnings can be used to support your tuition and help offset college expenses, or it can set you up for financial independence after graduation.

2. No Tuition or Fees

You won’t be charged fees or tuition for your graduate co-ops or internships. We believe you should focus on developing your skills, gaining hands-on experience, and exploring your professional future without worrying about extra expenses.

3. Balance Co-op and Research

In many of RIT’s graduate programs you can balance co-op and research opportunities to gain experience in both before you graduate.

4. Extraordinary Employer Partnerships

Industry partnerships with more than 3,400 companies and organizations provide unmatched opportunities to co-op and intern at influential, innovative companies worldwide.

5. Alumni Partnerships

With more than 135,000 RIT alumni working around the globe, you’ll benefit from a network of professionals ready to advise and support your career aspirations.

6. Unparalleled Support

RIT’s career services advisors do more than help you identify and apply to co-op and internship positions. They continually check in, provide guidance and support, and are an invaluable resource for all of your professional inquires while you’re off gaining career experience.

International Co-op

Graduate co-ops are a unique opportunity for our international students to gain career experience at companies and organizations in the U.S.

RIT's Outstanding Hiring Partners

We couldn’t possibly list all 3,400 of our hiring partners. It’s a list that keeps on growing.
But here’s a sample of some of the places around the world where you might find yourself working.

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • EA Games
  • Facebook
  • Fidelity
  • Google
  • Honda
  • IBM
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Microsoft
  • MOMA
  • SpaceX
  • Tesla
  • The Walt Disney Company


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