NTID ADEC - Videos

Keynote Addresses

Olivier Schetrit
Keynote Address
IVT: The Art of Emancipation

Kristi Merriweather
Keynote Address
Do It for the Culture

Fernanda de Araújo Machado
Keynote Address
Anthology of Poetry in Libras

Session Presentations

Kristen Harmon
On Deaf (Creative) Writing

Corinna Hill
Yours Most Sincerely

Ruthie Jordan
Journey of ASL Literature and Deaf Art in Digital Media

Rachel Mazique
Highlighting Intersectional Deafnicity: From Theory, to Experience, to Literature

Nordic Theatre Panel
Adapting Deaf Theatre for International Audiences

Rezenet Moges Riedel
Two Nations, Sign Languages and Sexes but One Shared Identity

Nancy Rourke
De'VIA: Understanding the Themes and Motifs

Amy Cohen Efron
Political ARTivism through Deaf Lenses

Fred Beam
Contribution of Black Deaf Performing Arts

Joseph Hill
Screening of "Signing Black in America"

Matt Daigle
TDG LOL: Teaching Deaf Culture through Humor

Cynthia Weitzel
Deaf Artists Residency Program