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Company Information
Company Name: Rocky Mountain Deaf School
Website: http://RMDS.CO

Job Information
Job Title: Health Aide
Job Type: Permanent
Job Information:

Start Date: 08/09/2021
10300 W Nassau Ave
Denver, Colorado. 80123
United States

Job Description:
Maintain and manage the school health room including records and reporting.
Address the daily health needs of students. Work closely with the school RN
to support student’s health needs.

Duties will include, but not limited to:

*Administer care and monitor injured or ill students within guidelines of the
school and District Clinic Management under the support of the Area Nurse
Consultant and as identified in the Clinic Aide Training and Resource Manual.
   Supervise and manage student behavior while students are in clinic.
*Administer medications, including Tylenol, within the guidelines of the
school and District Policy JLCD and JLCD-R to students and document
appropriately as identified in District policy.
*Maintain accurate and current student immunization records on the school and
District computerized system with the support of the Area Nurse Consultant.
*Communicate with parents regarding medications, injuries, immunization
status, vision and hearing screening of students.
*Maintain the Clinic Log of student visitations to the clinic.  Maintain and
distribute the Student Health Action Plan as prepared by the Area Nurse
*Provide ongoing and current updates and alerts regarding student health
concerns to the Area Nurse Consultant and school staff.
*Maintain orderly and updated student health folders within the clinic
confidential files.
*Organize vision and hearing screening/re-screening for students.  Refer
students for further testing as needed.
*Compile/compose correspondence under the guidance of RMDS Nurse Consultant,
which includes sending letters to parents to inform them of required
immunizations and assisting with articles for the school newsletter.

*Minimum Education Requirement - High School Diploma or equivalent
(Associates or BA Preferred)
*Computer Proficiency
*American Sign Language skills – Sign Language Interpreter Certified
*Strong written English skills
*Ability to multi-task
*First Aid and CPR Certification highly recommend
*Medication Delegation Training - required and administered by the District

Resume Information
Applicants should submit the following:: Resume, Transcript
Majors Desired:: Health Sciences

Application Information
Email application materials to::
Additional Instructions:
To apply please email:
Cover Letter
Current resume
Letter of Recommendation