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Company Information

Western PA School for the Deaf

Job Information

Coordinator of Children Services/Family Liaison
300 E Swissvale Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 15218
United States


a. Responds promptly to inquiries and coordinates admissions and evaluations.
b. Interprets policies and procedures of the School to new parents and communicates concerns of parents to the School as necessary.
c. Maintains data on admission candidates, including those actively pursuing admission and those who expressed interest.
d. Related to admissions and current students, develops, implements, and maintains communication with early intervention provider agencies, educational advocate agencies, school district and Intermediate Units.
e. Interprets and communicates admissions evaluation results to parents, early intervention provider agencies, school districts, Intermediate Units and Pennsylvania Department of Education personnel.
f. Develops and coordinates new student orientation program and maintains frequent contact with parents.
g. Provides tours to families, school districts and agencies visiting the School, illustrating WPSD activities and facilities. Also, arranges tours/observations for groups of college students.
h. Coordinates the placements for interns and student teachers, including housing needs if they are residential. Provides them with the Intern Handbook and reviews school policies and procedures. Organizes and presents information at an orientation meeting, including review of the health and safety plan.
i. Liaison to colleges and universities who request intern or student teaching placements. Assists in developing affiliation agreements with the universities.
j. Participates on the Child Study Team.
k. Assists in developing and implementing the annual Family Learning Workshop.
l. Organizes a “Holiday Mart shopping experience for the preschool and elementary students.
n. Organizes donations from staff to families nominated for the “Angel Tree” at the holidays. Also, coordinates donations and using funds in the Children’s Fund throughout the year.
o. Arranges tours and/or observations for groups or individual college students.
p. Records and tracks enrollment data.
q. Submits a weekly enrollment report.
r. Represents the School at professional organization meetings when requested to do so.
s. Participates in WPSD Outreach Evaluations as requested.
t. Conducts home visits as requested.
u. Assumes any additional duties as requested by the administration staff.


(Clearances must be maintained every five years by the employee.)
Certification of PA Mandated Reporter Training
PA State Police Criminal Clearance (Act 34)
PA Child Abuse History Clearance
FBI Clearance
Act 82


The Coordinator of Children’s Services should possess a Bachelor's Degree in Education, Special Education, Marketing, Communications or related fields, and have extensive knowledge of educational needs of children with a hearing loss. He/she should offer skills in matters related to needs of families with children who have a hearing loss.

Skills Needed:

Interpersonal- both in person and online
Organizational- especially in scheduling
Presentation Skills
Knowledge of technology
Ability to navigate APSEM and Powerschool systems

The Sign Language Proficiency Interview level (SLPI) for this position is "Advanced." The minimum level accepted at hire is "Intermediate."

Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) training is required and must be maintained by the employee.

Valid driver’s license is required.

This position may require the following physical demands:
• sitting, standing, walking, frequent bending, crouching, reaching, stooping, kneeling
• lifting and moving of lighter objects such as books, chairs, student desks in order to attend to the needs of students
• may require lifting or helping to lift students
• manual dexterity skills for using office equipment
• ability to read and attend to computer screens for long periods of time, including attending Zoom meetings
• ability to assist in physical restraint of students as per CPI requirements
• ability to drive a car

Resume Information

Resume, Cover Letter
Liberal Arts

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