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Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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ASL Interpreter
Lawrence, Massachusetts. 01840

The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission is seeking a mission-driven, highly organized Interpreter for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. This position will provide ASL interpretation both in-person and by using remote platforms, and support ongoing agency activities.

• Directly provide in-person and remote interpreting/transliteration services to agency staff, clients/consumers, providers, employers, and members of the public.
• Assess the communication access needs of interpretation requests and negotiate for optimum conditions to ensure effective services.
• Provide interpretation using remote conferencing such as Teams, Zoom, FaceTime and WebEx.
• Coordinate Communication Access Realtime Translation Service (CART) and interpretating services for staff and clients upon request
• Maintain records of interpreting and CART services provided in accordance with applicable billing and record requirements.
• Promote team strength by sharing acquired skills and knowledge with other staff interpreters and Deaf Services staff.
• Maintain and develop relationships with external stakeholders, vendors and providers to ensure effective provision of communication access.
• Provide guidance and training for staff, employers, and other stakeholders regarding communication access.
• Provide assigned interns with opportunities to observe and practice interpreter skills in the human services setting.

• Knowledge of both formal and informal registers of English and American Sign Language.
• Ability to perform simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.
• Ability to communicate by gestures and other non-verbal modes.
• Ability to work in a team setting and independently.
• Knowledge of the specialized vocabularies for both English and American Sign Languages such as technical, medical, scientific, etc.
• Ability to establish rapport with persons from different ethnic, cultural and/or economic backgrounds and deal tactfully with others.
• Strong understanding of the Code of Professional Conduct established by the national Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc., preferred.
• Proficient usage of Microsoft Office products including Excel and Outlook and other software programs preferred.

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