ALANA Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Retention Position Description

NTID established the director of ALANA Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Retention position in 2017. The purpose of this position is to develop an active recruitment program for prospective faculty and staff, which has involved visits and interactions with HBCUs, HACUs, and TCUs in the United States. Dr. Charlotte Thoms completed her three years of faculty service in this role in January 2020. We are refocusing this position on the recruitment/retention of faculty and will soon be announcing the appointment of a senior faculty member to this role. This individual reports to the NTID Office of Diversity and Inclusion while working closely with colleagues in Academic Affairs as well as in the RIT Division of Diversity and Inclusion. RIT also has a long history of relationships with HBCUs, which NTID hopes to capitalize on. NTID’s focus is on identifying prospective faculty members for the college of NTID who are interested in working with deaf students while RIT’s focus is on the recruitment needs of the broader academic community. NTID also is proposing to create a second position focusing on ALANA recruitment/retention of staff to ensure that we are directing attention to this area as well.