RIT/NTID Diversity Spotlight

Full name of the subject of the spotlight.

Paula MacDonald ‘18

Alumni, Computer Aided Drafting Technology


What is your heritage/tribal affiliation?
Pasqua First Nation, Saskatchewan, Canada. Right now I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

What or who has been your biggest cultural influence and what would you like people to know about your culture?
I am an adopted child and had no knowledge about my culture until I started to attend some Round Dances and Pow Wows that became my biggest cultural influence! Also, I attend/attended some Indigenous events at both RIT/NTID and my current university to learn more about some cultures. I finally made my very first moccasins (best part!), pairs of earrings, DYI tree scrubs, beading, and much more. I recommend attending Indigenous events at your school and locally for great and rich experiences!

What is your favorite indigenous dish?
Iroquois Three Sisters (salad, soup, etc.), Moose Stew, and Fry Bread Taco!

Do you have any resources to share with someone who would like to learn more about your culture?
You can find many resources on websites from some of the locals, by meeting the Indigenous Peoples, and going to their museums.
RIT/ NTID peeps: If you are interested in going to the local museum and learn about the Seneca people, I encourage you to go to Ganondagan State Historic Site in Victor, NY.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I love history, but I’m really bad at it!

Thank you for sharing, Paula!