DES Webinar Program Series

Working Remotely: Best Practices for Deaf and Hearing Employees

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many deaf and hard-of-hearing employees and those who work with them, suddenly found themselves working remotely. This webinar features four panelists- two deaf and two hearing- who share their experience and advice in navigating the new work paradigm related to communication and inclusion in a remote work environment, challenges and strategies of accessibility for deaf and hard-of-hearing employees in virtual meetings, and more.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Employees During COVID-19: Best Practices? Masks? Communicating with Customers?

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, do you know what deaf and hard of hearing front-line employees are doing to remain safe and be able to communicate with their colleagues and clients? This free webinar will share tools, stories, and resources for deaf and hard of hearing employees to address communication challenges in the workplace.

Hiring Deaf and Hard of Hearing Employees - Now and Beyond

Moderated by Kristy Ramos of CSD Works, our panel of experts share their experiences of hiring and onboarding deaf and hard-of-hearing employees during these unusual times. Watch this webinar to learn about inclusive and accessible hiring practices that can be used now and going forward.

Do’s and Don’ts of Accommodating Deaf Employees: From an Access Service Perspective

Gallaudet University hosted the 4th webinar in this series on the topic of accommodating deaf and hard-of-hearing employees from an access service perspective. Dr. Thomas Horejes moderates a panel of four experts in their fields on this topic. Watch this free webinar and learn about different tools for meeting your employees’ needs.