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Andrea Miranda

3D Graphics Technology

Motion Capture Team 2020

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Hometown: Santa Clara, CA

Major: 3D Graphics Technology

Employer Name and location: RIT/NTID MoCap Studio, Rochester, NY

What was your position and work responsibilities in co-op?
I worked as a 3D Animation Maker for MoCap Lab. My responsibilities mainly include modeling each character with hair, clothes, skin textures, and other details; connecting the characters’ rigs to motion capture data. Apart from those responsibilities, I am also responsible for completing tasks delegated to me by co-workers in need of support.

How did your studies at RIT/NTID prepare you for this co-op and your future career?
In the beginning, I set a goal to become a 3D artist but I had no idea where to start. I took classes at NTID which provided me the opportunity to learn how to make 3D models of objects and information about majors related to the field of 3D art. Entering the 3D world is definitely one of the most fulfilling adventures I’ve had the pleasure of taking. Nowadays, I work on improving my skills by taking several classes related to this major in order to prepare myself for my future career.

What did you think your co-op would be like before starting, and what was it actually like?
Initially, I anticipated meeting and working with others in person during my co-op; however, I had to discard my original expectations because of COVID-19. Fortunately, my co-op was able to adapt into an online format through Zoom and other collaborative mediums. Although it was difficult to make this transition, I’m glad to have grasped this opportunity to work remotely.

What lessons did you learn while in this co-op?
I learned that working remotely is challenging. I realized early on that since everyone is working asynchronously, it can be difficult to create and maintain relationships with team members. I found that it’s important to encourage everyone to connect with one another while at home as this helps to combat loneliness and helps build teamwork. Despite these circumstances, I’m grateful to learn about many new online resources. My boss and the assistants in the co-op are very diligent in providing tutorials for new interns such as myself and access to mediums for communication for the team.

What advice would you give to students going on co-op?
To students beginning their first co-op, I highly advise being open-minded when learning and trying new things. In every position there is room for growth and improvement. If your supervisor asks you to try something new, say ‘yes.’ If you have an interest in something you’ve never tried, ask to get involved.

How did COVID impact your co-op?
COVID-19 gave me the opportunity to work remotely allowing me to familiarize myself with a number of new applications that compensated for working remotely. It was a challenging experience because working on my own meant not being able to consult my co-workers as easily. Luckily, we found time to work together through Zoom to ameliorate this issue. Through Zoom, we’ve been getting to know each other and have been able to support each other better.