Theoretical Issues in Signed Language Research (TISLR) - Student Mentoring and Travel Award

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Grant # BCS-1844796

Theoretical Issues in Signed Language Research, #TISLR13

SEPTEMBER 26 - 28 | 2019

Deaf researchers are underrepresented in sign language research. Help us change that by applying for this mentorship and training opportunity! Successful applicants will be given up to $2,500 to attend TISLR and work with a team of sign language research mentors. The knowledge, mentoring, and networks that the successful applicants will develop at TISLR will make them better equipped to pursue careers in sign language research.

Application deadline has passed.

You do not need to be presenting at TISLR in order
to apply for this award!

Are you...
(1) deaf?
(2) a student at an university in USA?
(3) studying linguistics or other related field (e.g. psychology)?
(4) training for a career in sign language research?
If you said yes to all of the questions above then you're eligible for this award!

To apply, please prepare an essay about:
(1) Your desire to pursue a career in sign language research
(2) The specific area of sign language research that you are interested in
(3) How this funding would have an impact on your journey to become a sign language researcher
(4) How you will share your experiences from the conference with other deaf students!


Download a copy of the TISLR Mentoring & Travel Award announcment