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Mary Karol Matchett

Welcome, students!

As the assistant vice president for NTID Student & Academic Services, I would like to give our students the warmest welcome! The staff from my department are committed to working with all deaf and hard-of-hearing students at RIT/NTID. My door is always open to offer assistance, so feel free to stop by and chat. My office # is LBJ-2621, and my VP # is 585-286-4854.

Student Academic Services Welcome

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S&AS Departments and Programs

Career Exploration Studies

Career Exploration Studies offers you the opportunity to do an intensive career search while you develop a better understanding of yourself through career and personal counseling and the sampling of various majors.

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Athletes at RIT

Students who are deaf and hard-of-hearing participate with hearing students in sports, recreation and wellness programs. Support services and training for deaf and hard-of-hearing RIT student-athletes competing at the varsity level are provided through the RIT/NTID Athlete Development Program.

First-Year Experiences

FYE assists first-year students with transitioning to RIT/NTID and building a foundation for success in academic programs.

NTID Counseling and Academic Advising Services

CAAS is a team of counselors and academic advisors who provide personal counseling, career counseling, academic advising and consultation to all RIT deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

NTID Office of Student Financial Services

NTID Office of Student Financial Services plays a unique role with financial matters in assisting deaf and hard-of-hearing students as well as students enrolled in the ASL-English interpretation program and Master of Science program in secondary education of students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

NTID Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The NTID Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VR Services) has an active role in assisting deaf and hard-of-hearing students with VR policies, consultations, and building relationships with VR agencies throughout the country.

RIT Counseling & Psychological Services

CaPS provides confidential and personalized services to meet the mental health needs of currently enrolled, undergraduate and graduate deaf, hard-of- hearing and hearing students.

Student Conduct

SBCT coordinates the resources of RIT to address inappropriate, disruptive or harmful student behavior in order to recommend collaborative and purposeful (and non-punitive) interventions aimed at helping students achieve success.


Student Life Team

SLT challenges and educates all deaf and hard-of-hearing students, providing resources and support for their successful transition throughout college and after graduation.

Substance and Addiction Intervention Services for the Deaf

SAISD provides alcohol, tobacco and other drug information/referral, prevention/education, intervention, cross-disability professional consultation and training and support to treatment services for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Summer Vestibule Program

SVP is a required two-week orientation program designed to assist deaf and hard-of-hearing students who are accepted into programs in the College of NTID with their transition to college.

Title IX Deputy Coordinator

RIT/NTID is committed to investigate complaints of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault and other sexual misconduct, and to ensure that appropriate action is taken to stop the behavior, prevent its recurrence and remedy its effects.

About Dr. Mary Karol Matchett


In her role as assistant vice president for student and academic services, Dr. Mary Karol Matchett provides direction and oversight for a number of NTID programs and services, including the Counseling and Academic Advising Services Department, Student Life Team, Summer Vestibule Program, First-Year Experiences and Career Exploration Studies programs, NTID Psychological Services and Substance and Alcohol Intervention Services for the Deaf, NTID’s Title IX deputy/liaison, and NTID Financial Services and Student Scholarships.

Mary Karol Matchett

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