The Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) and Your Responsibilities

The IPE and Your Responsibilities

As an RIT/NTID student receiving Vocational Rehabilitation services, you are responsible for meeting the expectations set forth in the Individualized Plan for Employment. The IPE is the document you signed that specifies the agreement you have with VR. The IPE details your vocational goals, what you can expect from VR and what you need to do to continue receiving VR support.

Here are some tips to help you ensure that your VR program is proceeding as planned:

  • Follow your IPE plan and work hard to complete it on time. You should keep a copy of your IPE plan for your records, and submit a copy of your IPE plan to your assigned RIT/NTID counselor when you begin your program at RIT/NTID. Follow through with what you agree to do in your IPE plan, and send copies of your class schedules and grades to VR as soon as you get them.
  • Tell your Vocational Rehabilitation counselor about any changes in your situation. This includes changes in your address, phone number, course schedule, major or other important information that can have an impact on your VR agreement. Any changes to your IPE plan must be negotiated and approved by your VR counselor.
  • Work with your assigned RIT/NTID counselor if you need help managing your IPE/VR requirements.
  • Get written approval from your VR counselor before expecting him or her to pay for any additional expenses not identified in your IPE plan.
  • Meet/maintain contact regularly with your VR counselor during the academic year to keep him or her apprised of your progress toward your academic and employment goals. If any revisions are needed because of the review, your IPE will be jointly revised, and you should send a copy of this amended agreement to your RIT/NTID counselor. You and your VR counselor should discuss and determine how often you should meet to review your progress. Regular contact varies from state to state so check with your VR counselor.